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Neubau-Fahrzeug Nr.3-5
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Chapter 5: Main Turret
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Main Turret:
The three turrets are basically similar in overall size length and width wise give or take some minor discrepancies but the main difference is the angle of the rear turret wall with the Amusing kit having a distinct kink profile in the middle while the DML rear wall is straight and the Trumpeter rear wall showing a very small curve profile. Compounding this is the Doyle and Tankpower 1:35 plans differ greatly on the turret dimensions in relation to the rear wall width and kink as well as width of the rear wall and I have basically disregarded the Tankpower plans in relation to the turret dimensions as available wartime photos of the Nr.3-5 vehicles show the rear kink profile and width as indicated in the Doyle plans and hence as per the Amusing turret profile.

Moving to the kit turrets apart from the rear wall profile the Amusing and DML rear wall width basically match the plan width but the Trumpeter wall is far too narrow and this in turn throws off the angle of the rear turret side panels which could also be the reason the Trumpeter turret hatches are too short as well will see shortly.

There are some minor differences in the turret dimensions other than the rear wall issues but these are not dramatic and will be covered along with the smaller turret detail issues which will be explained further below.

The turret part breakdown is quite different on the three kits, the Amusing kit has the turret shell with separate front plate that includes the gun housing bolted plate and coaxial MG mounting, the DML kit has the full turret shell that includes the front plate with the gun housing bolted plate and coaxial MG mounting as a separate part while the Trumpeter turret is also a full shell with the gun housing bolted plate and coaxial MG mounting included with the main turret shell.

The Amusing and Trumpeter kits have the coaxial ball mounting as a separate parts allowing this to elevate while the ball mounting is fixed on the DML turret.

Gun housing/mantlet parts, the number of parts translates to the level of detail in the assemblies.
Amusing HobbyDMLTrumpeter
Views of the assembled turret front plate and gun housing, again the Amusing kit is far more detailed including the vision port that can be shown open with inside armoured glass plus etched bolt heads to add additional details, also not the hinge detail on top of the mantlet not present on the other kits. The separate Amusing barrels include the actual collar which is correct and evident once assembled but this collar is missing from the other kits.
The main issue with the DML housing is the width is too narrow by about 1.5mm according both the Doyle and Tankpower 1:35 plans while both the Amusing and Trumpeter housings are the correct width. There is also a substantial join seam down the middle of the housing that needs filling and the level of detail is quite basic.
The detail on the Trumpeter turret front plate and housing is very basic with the MG34 barrel devoid of any detail, the metal barrels are nice but don't compensate for the other missing detail
Amusing HobbyDMLTrumpeter
Additional views of the assembled turret front plate and gun housing.
Amusing HobbyDMLTrumpeter
Commander's Cupola:
Cupola is shown in both the Doyle and Tankpower 1:35 plans as 18mm in diameter, the DML and Trumpeter cupolas are both 18mm in diameter but the Amusing cupola is only 16.5mm in diameter but the remaining level of detail is quite impressive which leaves one with quite conundrum of detail v dimensional accuracy as there is little you can do about the diameter of the Amusing cupola as it comes.

Cupola parts, the separate hinges, inside hatch detail and the inner vision block see a far greater level of detail in the Amusing cupola but again obviously requires more assembly with the Trumpeter being the easiest with just a few parts but this translates to the level of detail once assembled.
Amusing HobbyDMLTrumpeter
Assembled cupola close-ups, the top hatches should have a distinct dome profile which is on the Amusing and DML hatches if a little understated on the DML but the Trumpeter hatches are just flat and not correct at all. The overall better level of detail is evident with the Amusing cupola with the lower ring, the hinge and hatch detail, also the Amusing lower vision blocks can be fitted in the open or closed position as required. Also note the difference in the rear wall profile as explained above with the Amusing curve profile matching available wartime images showing this area.
Amusing HobbyDMLTrumpeter
Overhead views of the assembled cupolas, note only the Amusing cupola has the top bolted sill as well as including the full inner vision ports and correct hinge layout. Note the distance between the cupola and rear turret, this is due to the Amusing cupola being smaller in diameter than the other two and also both the DML and Trumpeter turrets don't have the curved rear turret wall as they should.
Amusing HobbyDMLTrumpeter

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