T-55A Detail Set
Part 1:35 Etched Set P35-073
Review by Terry Ashley

The Set:
This is the first of three update sets released for the Tamiya T-55 and is the most comprehensive, the others being set P35-074 T-55 Fenders and P35-075 T-55 Barrels (rear fuel drums).

The quality of the etching is first class with crisp and well defined details, the anodized colouring of the parts makes them look less detailed than they actually are, but as soon as you start to work with the parts you will see they are as good as any around these days.

Set P35-053 consists of three large etched frets, a smaller fret with the engine deck screens and a small photo film sheet with the sight lenses.

The main parts in the set are all the fender storage boxes supplied as complete assemblies even with working hinges, the securing latches are also separate parts so you can display the boxes open or closed. There is also a eight 12.7mm ammo boxes with separate securing brackets as well as the engine deck screens.

The securing straps and fittings for the rear mounted fuel drums are also provided as well as the detail around the turret ring, this will be helpful if you plan on building a destroyed T-55 as like other Russian MBTs they tend to pop their turrets when hit.

The fender support brackets are also provided along with the glacis trim vane and the head light guards which you probably won’t use as they are flat in profile and would be better to add with wire.

There are many other smaller fittings and brackets to be added around the vehicle, enough to keep you busy for a while. The number of small parts and the working hinges and brackets reminds you of the intricate ABER etched sets.

The 6 page instruction sheet has diagrams showing the location of the part as well as the construction of the smaller workings fittings, I have included images of the instruction sheets to better show the extent of the parts included.

Instruction Sheets:
Page 1Page 2Page 3Page 4Page 5

To add even more details to your T-55 there are also the additional sets from Part.
Set P35-074 T-55 Fenders
Set P35-075 T-55 Barrels (rear fuel drums)

Part sets are available from Jadar-Model Poland

Page created June 15, 2003

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