T-55A Fenders
Part 1:35 Etched Set P35-074

Review by Terry Ashley

The Set:
This set is again designed for the Tamiya T-55 and provides a complete set of fenders and fender supports.

The quality of the etching is first class with crisp and well defined details, the anodized colouring of the parts makes them look less detailed than they actually are, but as soon as you start to work with the parts you will see they are as good as any around these days.

The set requires you to completely remove the fenders from the Tamiya kit to be replaced with the etched parts. The front fenders also have workable hinges to be assembled.

These fenders may seem like a lot of work but would be just the thing to build a destroyed or damaged vehicle as the metal will make adding damage to the fenders very easy and realistic.

Instruction Sheet:
Page 1

To add even more details to your T-55 there are also the additional sets from Part.
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Set P35-075 T-55 Barrels (rear fuel drums)

Part sets are available from Jadar-Model Poland

Page created June 15, 2003

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