Passion Models
Opel Blitz Detail Set
Passion Models Set P35-022
1:35th Scale

Review by Terry Ashley

The Set:

Passion Models of Japan continue to expand their range of update/detail sets with this set designed for the recent Tamiya German 3ton 4x2 Cargo Truck (kit #35291) and provides most of the basic updates to enhance the model.

The set consists of a single 65x67mm etched fret and a small resin block for the hood T clips with the quality of etching being very good having clean crisp details that includes embossed relief and the usual fine engraved bending lines where required. A small instruction sheet is also provided to show the sub-assembly of the parts and where they go on the model.

Many of the parts are quite small with some intricate bends required and previous experience with etched sets would be helpful as well as the usual care when removing and handling the parts. There is little if any alterations required on the kit as most parts simply replace the kit part but where mods are required they are quite minor in nature.

Etched and resin parts
Passion Models

I guess one item that is must have on any update set for the Tamiya kit is the front grill "Opel Blitz" badge and this sets includes two badges with slightly different font styles, one plain and other with edging to offer a nice choice and this is simply added to the kit front grill.

For the cab interior there are a couple of map racks for the rear wall, the driver's clutch, brake and accelerator pedal faces as well as etched dial faces for the kit instrument panel while the cab exterior has etched windscreen wipers, roof convoy light base, and frames for the side quarter windows, this does require the moulded on frames be removed from the kit windows beforehand.

The remaining parts are for the truck exterior with the larger tool brackets on the front fenders and cab sides that require careful bending as well as a new shovel spade that replaces the kit item as well as the hood securing brackets with etched brackets and the small resin T clips, these parts are extremely small and will need careful handling.

Mounting brackets are provided for the fender width indicator stalks and the head lights to which you add the kit parts as well as the front and rear number plates and the obligatory horse shoe as an optional extra.

The rear tray have the side turn indicator brackets and arms for both sides as well as the underside storage racks and side tie downs cleats and securing clips as well as some small bolt heads to add as required.

The two small instruction sheets are quite busy and careful study is needed to ensure things go in the right place but as the set doesn't have a lot of parts it's farily easy to see where things go.

Busy instruction sheets with the set
Passion Models
Passion Models


This is an excellent update set for the Tamiya Opel Blitz kit for those who just want the basics to add the essential updates to the kit without any extensive work required.

If that is all you need for your kit then this set fits the bill perfectly with the Opel Blitz badges included as well as the resin hood clips thrown in for good measure.

Highly recommended

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German Vehicles in WWII

Schiffer Military History
Reinhard Frank
ISBN 0-88740-686-6

Hard Cover
207 Pages


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Special Museum Line No.39
Wings & Wheels Publications
ISBN: 80-86416-51-8


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Special Museum Line No.1
Wings & Wheels Publications
ISBN: 1211-0671


Opel Blitz
by Albert Osinski
Kagero Topshots #11009
ISBN: 83-89088-78-9

43 pages with excellent colour walkaround photos of museum 4x4 Blitz with a bonus decal sheet included.

Thanks to Passion Models Japan for the review set.

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