Plus Model
U.S.Halftrack engine set
(White 160AX engine)

1/35th #151

Review by Terry Ashley
Plus Model
The Tamiya Half Tracks have been around for quite a few years now and apart from mixing up different types and basic running gear they aren’t bad kits and after all are the only game in town if your want a WWII U.S. Half Track.

Plusmodel have released this engine set to dress up the front end of any of the kits and it consists of 38 pieces in a light pinkish resin and 17 etched metal parts.
The resin parts are crisply cast without any blemishes with only the usual casting blocks to be removed.

Plus Model

The engine block is in one nicely cast piece to which is attached all separate accessories like the carburettor, alternator, exhaust manifold, air cleaner and other small items with the cooling fan and smaller details in etched metal.

There is also a new rear firewall and separate side and top hood doors to replace the kit parts you have to cut away to fit the new engine, the lower part of the kit engine also needs to be removed from the chassis but these alterations to the Tamiya kits shouldn’t be any problems.

The instructions have a series of line drawings showing the construction of the engine and accessories as well as the alterations needed on the Tamiya kits and are very clear and east to follow which should make putting the set together quite straight forward.

In all a very detailed and easy to fit update set for any of the Tamiya Half Tracks that will add plenty of detail to attract the eye.

The resin bits
Plus Model
Plus Model

The update set was purchased from Blast Models with the usual good turnaround time.

See the M2/M2 Halftrack subjects page for reviews of other sets available.

Plus Model have some excellent photographs of the Half-Track engine on their web site.

Easy 1 CD
Half-Track Tech Manual CD
Easy 1 Productions

Page created 14 April 2003

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