7.5cm PaK 97/38 Barrel
for German anti-tank gun

RB Model Set 35B96
1:35th Scale

Review by Terry Ashley

The set:
This replacement barrel from RB Model is for the German 7.5cm PaK 97/38 anti-tank gun which was produced by combining the barrel from the captured French Canon de 75 modèle 1897 and the carriage of the German PaK 38.
The set can be used on either the Dragon 7.5cm PaK 97/38 w/Heer Gun Crew (kit #6445) or the Italeri PaK 97/38 AT Gun with Servants (kit #6460) as the modifications are the same on both kits to add the metal barrel.

As with all RB Model sets there are no instructions or fancy packaging, just the parts in a zip lock plastic bag and a simple B&W label which does mean on a barrel of this nature using some analytical skills to work out how to fit the barrel parts together, but if you have experience with metal barrels and multi-part muzzle brakes it shouldn't be too much of a problem?

The set has the aluminium barrel tube and four part brass perforated muzzle brake and collars plus two etched brass parts. The only cleanup of the brass muzzle brake is some burs on the inside that can be easily removed by running an old #11 blade around the inside. The etched parts are a quite basic and as they are a little thicker there is a seam around the parts that will need to be carefully filed away for a clean edge to the parts.

Brass and aluminium barrel and muzzle brake parts
RB Model

The barrel tube is hollowed out slightly without any rifling which isn't really noticeable once the muzzle brake is attached so is not a problem with the fit of the brass collars a little sloppy and you will need to take care to align these centrally during assembly.

There is two brass collars, one smaller and the other larger which also has the distinctive bracket attached and there is an indentation on the bracket that makes lining up the collar very easy while you solder (or super glued if this is your preference) the parts together. Soldering does provide a stronger bond and is the preferred method of assembly to avoid the parts coming apart while handling the assemblies.

The muzzle brake has an end cap with an additional etched ring added and again soldering these together will result in a stronger bond as well as allowing you to eliminate the join seam between the muzzle brake and cap very easily.

Assembly of the muzzle brake and collar bracket
RB Model
Barrel bore and brass collar
RB Model

Fitting the metal barrel to either the Dragon or Italeri Pak 97/38 kits is the same for both kits where you firstly glue the two halves of the gun/barrel together and let the glue dry completely, this makes cutting the barrel off much easier than if cutting the parts individually. After cutting away the plastic barrel there is a hole exposed which again is the same size on both kits with the long locating neck pin on the metal barrel designed to fit into this hole.

Modifications to kit barrels, same for both by cutting the barrel tube from the gun
RB Model
Inserting barrel neck pin into resulting hole after cutting off the barrel
is the same for both kits.

RB Model
Barrel fitted to both the Dragon and Italeri Pak 97/38 gun
RB Model

This makes for a fairly quick and easy update for either kit with a marked improvement in detail on the perforated metal muzzle brake over the rather basic plastic muzzle brakes on the kits.

Close-up of the RB Model brass muzzle brake
and the plastic kit muzzle brakes showing the improvement in detail definition

RB Model

This is another impressive barrel set from RB Model with the only clean-up being the fine burs inside the muzzle brake holes and the seam around the etched parts. The minor alterations required to mount the barrel to either of the two Pak 97/38 kits is well within the capabilities of most modellers.

This set will add considerable detail to the kit barrels with the perforated muzzle brake being most impressive.

Highly recommended

Thanks to Leo at LionMarc Model Designs who now carry the full range of RB Models barrels for the review set.

Page created March 4, 2009