Real Model
M1126 Stryker Stowage Set
Real Model Set No. RMA35138
1:35th Scale

Review by Terry Ashley

AFV Club Real Model follow Blast Models in releasing a set of vehicle stowage designed for the AFV Club M1126 Stryker ICV (kit #AF35126) with this set consisting of 25 parts cast in a light greenish resin plus a small sheet of printed MRE ration packs.

The quality of the resin casting is well done overall with crisp well defined details but there are quite a few air holes present on my set, most notable on one end of the large roof top casting and these will require attention as they will be visible after the part is fitted to the model.

Also present on the larger parts are quite substantial casting blocks that will need a bit of effort to remove and for this I tend to use a pair of point nosed clippers and #11 blade for final cleanup as I try not to grind or sand resin unless absolutely necessary to avoid the dust issue.

The three larger castings are groupings of equipment and are designed to fit to the hull top and both sides with the top group having a selection of Alice packs, rucksacks, 20mm and .50cal ammo boxes and water cans as well as a couple of tarp rolls and after cleanup this is designed to fit neatly to the kit hull top with a large indent on the underside to correspond to the kit details. As mentioned one side of this casting had substantial air hole damage, some were just under the surface but others opened up and a bit of work will be needed to fill these. This may not be an issue on all sets given the nature of resin casting but never the less is an issue on my review set.

The two side hanging groups are mostly Alice packs with some small bed rolls but the main issue here is the Alice pack was phased out of US service by the end of 90s and replaced with the MOLLE system of load bearing vests and modular packs and equipment pouches which means the Alice packs depicted in the set are not really appropriate for the Stryker on its current service in Afghanistan/Iraq unfortunately.

The remaining items include 10 current style water cans cast on groups of two and these will need careful cleanup of the casting blocks on the bottom as well as three groups of .50cal and 7.62mm ammo boxes that can be used anywhere you please.

An interesting inclusion is two tow bars and couplings that can be stowed on the vehicle or used in a diorama setting but it should be noted that the tow bars included are the same as used by M1A1 and M1A2 Abrams MBTs as correctly included in the recent Dragon M1A1 AIM and M1A2 SEP kits. Initially the tow bars used by the Stryker were actually smaller in length and size being designed for lighter vehicles and towing jobs but later vehicles are now being fitted with the same sized bars as on the Abrams so you should check references where possible for the appropriate sized bar.

You are also given a small sheet of printed MRE ration packs on thin paper that are easy to cut out and glue together and again can be added to the model as required or used in a diorama.

The set is nicely cast but marred by some excessive air holes on the major part in my set and the use of the Alice packs instead of the current MOLLE system puts it a bit out of sync as far as time lines go. The MRE boxes are a nice inclusion and the set could be adapted to use on any vehicle really and could be a useful set in any case.

Recommended 6.5/10

Resin Parts:

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Air hole damage on side of casting
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Thanks to Miloslav from Real Model for the review sample.

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