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M1126 Stryker Wheels Set
Real Model Set No. RMA35143
Review by Terry Ashley

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The Set:
Real Models have released this set of resin replacement wheels designed for any of the the AFV Club Stryker kits (#AF35126, AF35128, AF35130) and consists of 9 wheels cast in light grey/green resin to provide the 8 vehicle wheels and one spare wheel.

The quality of the casting is excellent without any blemishes and just the usual casting blocks to be removed and the remaining scar can be positioned at ground contact to hide out of the way with the spare wheel cast with the rim only minus the hub.

As with previous resin Stryker wheel sets these wheels are again based on the excellent AFV Club kit vinyl wheels and hubs and it's hard to see anyone doing the tread and sidewall detail better but the resin wheels include a flattened "bulge" at the ground contact point.

Modern radial type tyres tend to exhibit this bulging effect more than WWII vintage cross ply tyres which do not with the effect on these tyres quite subtle as can be seen of photos of serving Strykers.

The spare wheel is cast perfectly round but a few of the hub bolt holes will need to be drilled out with just a small casting block scar that should be easy to hide when mounting the spare on the model.

Real Model

On the rear side of each wheel is included the mounting hub from the AFV Club kit so there is no alterations required to fit these to either of the AFV Club kits for a quick and easy update.

Real Model

This is another nice set of resin replacement wheels for the AFV Club Stryker kit that includes the subtle "bulge" seen on modern radial tyres with the wheels having the same detail of the kit wheels.

Recommended those who prefer resin wheels to the kit vinyl wheels 8/10

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Thanks to Miloslav from Real Model for the review sample.

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