Sherman M4A4 Chrysler
Multibank late engine bay

Resicast Kit No. 35.270
1:35th Scale

Review by Terry Ashley


To compliment the Chrysler A57 Multibank Engine (set #35.269) Resicast have also released this highly detailed engine bay also for the TASCA M4A4 Sherman Firefly Vc (kit #35-009) that consists of 28 parts in grey/green resin and 3 etched panels as well as a 7 page instruction sheet.

Etched parts

The quality of the resin casting is again excellent with blemish free parts and just the usual casting blocks and some fine resin film to be removed.

The main parts in the set are the forward engine bay bulkhead that replaces the TASCA kit part E34 and the rear hull plate that again replaces the TASCA kit part E24 and there is some additional kit alterations required in fitting the new bay and some modelling experience would be helpful.

Detail on both these new parts is excellent with the forward bulkhead having details on both sides that includes the oil radiators and other detail on the fighting compartment side in case you also wish to add a full interior to the vehicle.

On the real hull panel there is additional detail on the inside as well as cut-outs for the kit engine doors and the upper etched intake mesh as with the kit panel and this new panel fitted precisely to the kit hull tub without any trimming needed.

On the kit floor plate (part E7) and side panels (parts E21, E37) there are two locating ridges for the kit bulkhead (part E34) and you have to cut off the front ridge leaving just the rear one to fit the new resin bulkhead correctly. Also there is an 8.5mm section that needs to be cut for the top of each side panel (parts E21, E37) to allow the fitting of the two fuel tanks and the instructions clearly show these alterations so there shouldn’t be any problems?

The three etched panels are for the floor plate and the two side panels and these simply glue to the kit parts without any further modifications needed.

Added to the side walls and bulkheads are sections of piping and other smaller fittings with the instructions clearly showing the location of these parts and as with the engine set there are also some photos of the actual bay included to aid in the positing of the parts.

Views showing both sides of replacement bulkhead/rear plate


This engine bay set has excellent detail on the resin parts, in particular the new bulkheads and while there is some surgery required on the TASCA kit to fit the new parts these should be easily handled by most modellers who would buy this set in the first place.

Coupled with the full Multibank Engine (set #35.269) will really detail up the rear end of the TASCA kit and would allow you to build a diorama with the engine out of the vehicle for maintenance to really show off the detail on both sets.

Highly recommended 8/10

Resin Parts:

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Views of assembled engine bay courtesy of Resicast
Sherman Firefly
Mark Hayward
British Tanks of WWII (1)
Concord #7027
Sherman VC M4A4 Firefly
Military Ordnance Special No.19
R.P.Hunnicutt. Presidio Books
ISBN 0-89141-080-5
Modeler's Guide to the Sherman
MMIR Special.
Ampersand Publishing Company, Inc

The set is available direct from Resicast in Belgium, website or email for details of stockists. Thanks to Graham from Resicast for the review sets.

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