Riich Model
Universal Carrier Mk.I w/Crew
Riich Models 1:35 Scale Kit No. RV35011
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backnextHull with engine fitted.
Riich Model
Hull with just the radiator fitted as this is all that can be seen after assembly.
Not fitting the engine saves on assembly time as it seems a waste to hide away such a detailed engine.
This can be displayed separately if your wish or used in a workshop diorama.

Riich Model
A couple of tips if fitting the engine, 1. Cut off the raised block on the underside of the engine and the two
locating pins on the underside of the rear mounting bracket. 2. Trim off the locating tabs on the
air cleaner. The reason for trimming these is when you fit the rear drive shaft stub into the rear hull bushing (3)
the pins on the underside of the rear bracket hold the stub too high to fit into the bushing and the block which
is supposed to fit into the corresponding recess on the hull floor also prevents the engine sliding back into the bushing.
With the air cleaner tabs, it's very difficult to align these with the locating lugs on the rear wall and removing them makes
the process easier. The rear drive shaft/bushing join and the forward exhaust stubs provide enough support for the
engine in situ as well as gluing the rear bracket to the floor once in place.

Riich Model
Riich Model
Inside the engine compartment wall is the oil cooler that is all but hidden after assembly.
Riich Model
Engine compartment sub-assembly, note there are additional details added before fitting into the hull
as this makes fitting the smaller parts easier. Also note the plastic spacer bar added to fix the rear of the sidewalls
at the correct angle/spacing to make fitting into the hull easier.
This spacer can only be used if not fitting the engine as I haven't in this build as it will foul on the
air cleaner if used when the engine is installed, in that case you need to make sure the side compartment
panels are splayed out enough to slip over the raised guides on the rear hull wall.

Riich Model
Engine compartment bulkhead details. The embossed FORD name is not evident in any of the period photos I have seen
and can easily be shaved off.

Riich Model
Engine compartment fitted to hull along with the fenders and other interior items.
Riich Model
Additional views of the hull front office. Note as mentioned above, only the radiator can be seen through the bulkhead
so not fitting the engine saves on assembly time.

Riich ModelRiich Model
Inside details of the front hull plate, note the electrical ducting under the glacis.
Riich Model
Rear hull details with numerous etched brackets and the curved outlet guards.
Riich Model
No.11 Radio set, a No.19 Radio set is also included with the kit but not the corresponding No.19 aerial mounts.
Riich Model
Rear mounted battery box and can rack.
Riich Model

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