Schatton Modellbau
20mm FlaK 38

Schatton Modellbau Set #3505
Review by Terry Ashley

The standard of metal barrels has advanced considerably in recent years with many companies producing excellent products with nearly all having the 20mm FlaK38 barrel in their lists.
Schatton Modellbau

Schatton Modellbau from Germany has released their version with the barrel machined as a single barrel that includes the openings in the muzzle collar and flash suppressor. The collar has the correct six rectangular shaped holes and the three rows of six smaller holes in the suppressor cone.

The only issue is the overall length of the barrel at 30.5mm is 2mm longer than it should be in 1:35 scale with the actual scale length being 28.5mm but can easily be modified to the correct length, see below.

Close up of the muzzle/flash suppressor
Schatton Modellbau

The barrel is basically designed to fit the Tamiya 20mm FlaK38 (kit #35102) and Flakvierling 38 (kit #35091) plus their other kits using these guns, such as the Möbelwagen (kit #35101). It can also be used for many other manufacturer's kits as they are all basically similar in the design of the 2cm gun, these include the Italeri FlaK38 (kit #377), Demag D7 with FlaK38 (kit #371) and the Alan Flakpanzer 38(t) (kit #018) plus others such as the newer FlaK38 kits from Dragon and Tristar.

Below is the method to fit the barrel to any of these kits but note their may be some minor differences between the kits and I have used the Tamiya kits here as an example.

Schatton Modellbau
Fitted metal barrel
Schatton Modellbau
Firstly cut off the plastic barrel at the appropriate position and then drill a 1.2mm hole to take the neck of the Schatton Modellbau barrel, that’s it, all very easy.

Modifying the barrel to the correct length:
This is a fairly easy operation although slightly more difficult as you are working with metal and not plastic or resin, but the appropriate tools will make light work of the job.

Firstly cut off the barrel at the front of the gun body and file the end smooth, next cut 2mm from the barrel and again file the barrel end smooth. I then drilled locating holes in the barrel and gun body to inserted a short length of wire as a locating pin to re-attach the parts using thick cyanoacrylate, but you could of course solder the two sections together if you prefer.

A quick and easy alteration to make the barrel the correct length to use on any available FlaK38 kit.

Original barrel (bottom) and corrected barrel (top)
Schatton Modellbau
Corrected barrel fitted to the Tristar FlaK38 gun
Schatton Modellbau
Comparison on modified barrel with the other barrels from Adlers Nest
and armorscale which are also the correct length.

Note: The fitting on top of the Schatton gun housing is a spare etched
part from the armorscale barrel set.

Schatton Modellbau

This 20mm barrel from Schatton Modellbau despite the extra 2mm in length is very good and contains many fine details including the correct number of holes in the flash suppressor and absolutely no assembly or cleanup, nothing could be easier and will add considerable detail to whatever FlaK kit you use it on.

Highly recommended.

See a full comparison of available FlaK38 barrels

Schatton Modellbau barrels are available direct from the Schatton Modellbau website for the details of the full range available.

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