Schatton Modellbau
German MG-34 Barrel
Schatton Modellbau Set #3219

Review by Terry Ashley

The set:

Schatton Modellbau continues to release exceptional metal barrels and the latest MG-34 barrel set is no exception.

The set is rather simple consisting of just two finely machined metal parts, the inner barrel which includes the end sections and flared muzzle flash suppressor which is hollowed out slightly and the outer perforated cooling jacket.

The machining on both is exceptional given they are such small parts with the cooling holes in the jacket perfectly formed.

Schatton Modellbau barrel showing to the inner barrel and outer cooling jacket parts
and assembled barrel

Schatton Modellbau

Assembly is straightforward with the barrel section simply fitting inside the cooling jacket with a small dab of cyanoacrylate at the end of the jacket to hold everything in place.

At the rear of the cooling jacket is a small pin extension and to fit the barrel to whatever donor MG you have, simply cut off the existing barrel, drill a small hole to take the pin and fit them together, nothing easier.

Assembly is straightforward as above
Schatton Modellbau

All that is then needed is to add the small fittings on the metal barrel such as forward sight and lower tripod fittings which can be taken from the donor barrel.

Below are images of the metal barrel being fitted to the excellent Tank Models resin MG-34 and to the Tamiya plastic MG-34 from their German Infantry Set (#35111).

Tank Model MG-34 set #A-13 fitting with the Schatton Modellbau barrel
Schatton Modellbau
Tamiya German Infantry Set (#35111) MG-34 before and after fitting the Schatton Modellbau barrel
Schatton Modellbau


A simply yet superbly detailed metal barrel that is easy to assembly and fit to any existing MG-34 and should find many applications from infantry to vehicle mountings.

Highly recommended.

See a comparison review of the three available MG34 7.92mm barrel sets.

Schatton Modellbau sets are available direct from the Schatton Modellbau website for the details of the full range available.

Page created 7 April 2004