15cm s.IG.33 Infantry Gun
AFV Club kit No. AF 35148 - DML Smart Kit No. 6261
1:35 Scale Kit Comparison

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Includes close ups of the detail on the AFV Club wheels

Detail issues as per the review; Only 5 rim bolts and square contours on the DML wheels while the
AFV Club wheels have the correct 10 rim bolts and correctly shaped contours.

Suspension/brake parts. note missing suspension parts in the DML kit for the mechanized towing version
Assembled Suspension sub-assemblies
Full suspension/brake assemblies highlighting the sparse appearance of the DML kit due to the missing details.
It should be noted the wheel type included in the DML kit are used for the mechanized towing version while the earlier
steel rimmed wheels (included in the AFV Club kit) are used on the horse towed version which wouldn't have the additional
suspension parts included in the AFV Club kit.


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Page created July 6, 2010