SKP Model
Clickable tracks for Panther A-G
SKP Model 1:35 Scale Kit No. SKP 102
Review by Terry Ashley

The Kit:
This set of individual track links from SKP Model is the later type Panther track featuring the cleats on the track link face and are applicable for later model Panther Ausf.A and Ausf.G as well as the later Jagdpanthers.

The set has the individual chocolate coloured resin links packed in a small cardboard box with the casting block already broken off leaving just remnants of the block attachments and some excess resin in the link recesses to remove. There is some very fine resin flash in the guide horn holes and drive sprocket holes that can best be removed with a sharp #11 blade or by using a toothbrush to remove the film; this is easier to do once the links have been assembled as the toothbrush will deal with several links at once.

Track links
SKP Model

Detail on the links is nicely done on the cast link faces and guide horns with the lightening holes as mentioned, the inside faces are perfectly smooth and each link has one large and one small pin that fit into corresponding location holes on the opposite side of the link.

Link cleanup
SKP Model

After the minimal cleanup assembly is very straightforward by inserting the large pin into the next link and with the small pin positioned over the next link use your thumbnail of fine tweezers to lightly ease the link pin out and over the locating hole with the pin clipping into to place.

The track runs assembly quite quickly due to the easy assembly and articulate freely but care is needed as the track runs are fairly fragile due to the smaller pin on one side, but with “normal” handling there shouldn’t be any problems and you can easily just click the pin back into place should one link come adrift.

Track assembly
SKP Model

I test fitted the tracks to a DML Panther Ausf.G kit and found the drive sprocket tooth holes in the track had to be enlarge a little for the sprocket teeth to fit properly, this only needs to be done for the links that actually go around the sprockets so only about 12 links each side need the holes enlarged.

Track fitted to a DML Panther Aust G.
Link guide holes needed to be enlarged to fit the kit drive sprocket teeth.

SKP Model

This is a nicely cast and detailed set of later type Panther tracks with minimal cleanup and easy click together assembly to add nice track detail for those preferring working tracks for their Panthers/Jagdpanthers.

Rating 8/10

Thanks to SKP Model for the review kit.

Page created October 25, 2010

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