US Half-track Wheels w/chains
Tank Workshop 1:35 Set #TWS 0059
Review by Terry Ashley

The Set:
This wheel set from Tank Workshop is designed for the recent Dragon Half-Tracks kits (#6329 and #6361) and provide standard NDMS tread pattern tyres on WWII Combat Rims with chains fitted for use in snow and soft ground with the set having just the two wheels cast in the usual light gray resin.

The wheels are the same as in the previous Tank Workshop half-track wheel set (#TWS0058) with the chain detail added and have the same level of rim and tread detail as those wheels.

Resin quality is very good in detail definition with the chains cleanly rendered and just a small resin pour plug and a little resin film either side of this as well as resin film inside the rim lightening holes to be removed. While the chain is cleanly done without any excess resin film to be removed the individual links are not hollow but this is not really that noticeable and is virtually impossible to do in resin given the small size in any case.

Resin wheels, front and rear views prior to cleanup
Tank Workshop

The inside of the rims has the locating hole to fit directly onto the Dragon kit axles without any additional alterations required and this makes for quick fitting of the wheels.

Resin wheels ready to fit to Dragon Kits
Tank Workshop
This is another quick and easy wheel update for the Dragon Half-track kits with the chains giving a different look to the kit for more variety. The chains are cleanly cast in place and as mentioned the solid chain links are not really that noticeable when on the model. In a diorama they would most likely be covered in mud or snow in any case.

Highly recommended 7.5/10

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Thanks to Jay from Tank Workshop for the review set.

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