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Panzer IV G Backdate
TMD #352033
Review by Terry Ashley
Tiger Model Designs

This extensive backdate set is designed for either of the two Tamiya Panzer IV kits; #35181 Panzer IV J or #35209 Panzer IV H Early Version but it may be used on other Panzer IV kits but you should expect additional work to fit some of the parts.

The set consists of 64 resin pieces, a length of thin wire, a short length of fine chain and a six page instruction sheet with very clear drawings to assist in assembling the parts.
The instructions give good notes on the many variations during the Ausf.G production to help you understand the many parts provided and in conjunction with the Tamiya kit parts allow you to build an early, mid or late Ausf.G.

The resin parts include a new turret roof and new cupola which includes interior periscopes and split hatches and alternate L/43 or L/48 guns. A new hollow rear storage box and turret side 90mm smoke grenades are also provided as well as other small details for the turret. The smoke grenades assemblies have excellent details with separate grenades which fit inside the hollow launcher tubes which in turn are attached to the separate mounting brackets. A section of schurtzen is provided for the rear turret as sometimes fitted to late Gs.

For the hull you get a complete new rear plate with idler housings and axles plus towing shackles and other small details and a new front hull plate as well as new final drive housings to be used as required for the version you are building, the instructions indicate which parts to use for which version.

In all an excellent and comprehensive backdate set for the Ausf.G, using the detailed instructions will make it easy to decide which parts to use for the version required.

Highly recommended.

All the parts shown below are included in the full set #352033 while some are available as separate smaller sets if this is all you need, a nice idea by TMD.
The smaller sets are indicated below by their number.

Resin Bits full set #352033
Set #352062 Pz. III/IV Cupola

Set #352063 Pz.III/IV 90mm Smoke Grenades

Set #352032

Set #352031

Achtung Panzer No.3
Panzer IV

Excellent detail coverage of the Panzer IV with the usual detail photos and drawings of all versions of the Panzer IV.

book Armour PhotoGallery #1
PzKpfw IV Ausf.G
Sd.Kfz 165 Hummel
Sd.Kfz 166 Brummbär

PROGRES Publishing


Has excellent close up photos of museum vehicles along with brief text descriptions. All photos are external except for a couple of the Pz.IV engine out of the vehicle.


PzKpfw IV in action
Squadron Signal Publications

The usual in action fare with photos and drawings of the Pz.IV versions with 8 pages on the Ausf.G.


Ground Power Magazine
March 2003 No.106,
April 2003 No. 107

GALILEO Publishing Co.,Ltd

Both issues have overall photo coverage of the Aust.G in a series of wartime in-action photos with issue 107 having 8 sets of 1/35th plans of early to late Gs.

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