Tiger Model Designs
sIG.33 for Grille M
TMD #352081
Review by Terry Ashley
Tiger Model Designs
GrilleDesigned for the Alan Grille M kit (No.015), this set consists of 30 resin pieces for a complete vehicle mounted sIG.33 150mm gun.

While the resin parts have excellent details and assembly is relatively easy the conversion itself is fairly straightforward as the resin gun is a straight replacement for the kit gun.

Of special note is the barrel which is hollowed out to a depth of 1/4inch for a nice appearance and the sight is very well detailed. The gun also has a separate breech block for a choice of positions and on test fitting the main parts of the gun fitted precisely.

Care is needed to remove the casting blocks from some of the smaller parts but the instructions are in the form of photographs of the gun during assembly. Some of these photos are a bit on the blurry side and difficult to follow and you will need to study these carefully to assembly the gun.

Having said that this new gun will add considerable detail and improve the overall appearance of the finished kit by a large degree and with the addition of the Grille M update set (#352051) will really do the job.

Highly recommended

Resin Bits #352081
Book Sd.Kfz. 138/1 / Part 1: Grille M
by Martin Block, Anthony J. Greenland,
Jari Lievonen
Nuts & Bolts Volume 22

Marder III, Grille
Wydawnictwo Militaria 175
ISBN 83-7219-155-7

Excellent detail coverage of the Marder III and Grille with many close up photos inside and out of all variants of the subject vehicles


Allied-Axis Issue 2
Ampersand Publishing

Has a section on the Grille Ausf. H but with some nice shots of the sIG 33 gun.


German Light & Heavy
Infantry Artillery

Schiffer Publications
ISBN 0-88740-815-X

Has some nice details of the sIG 33 on its ground mount as well as the Grille vehicle mount.

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