Tiger Model Designs
Panther D Cupola

TMD #352091
Review by Terry Ashley

Tiger Model Designs
The detail bits for the excellent Dragon Panthers just keep coming, adding to the list is this detailed Panther D cupola from Tiger Model Designs designed for the Panther D (Dragon kit No.6164).

The set consists of 16 resin pieces in the usual light cream resin and two lengths of plastic rod. The quality of the resin is again excellent with only some minor resin "flash" to be removed from some of the parts as well as the usual casting blocks.

The cupola itself is in one excellent casting that includes the periscope cutouts and indentations on the inside to take the six separate vision blocks. Additional parts are the lower cupola ring on the inside with the hand wheel, locking arm and azimuth indicator rod added to this. On the outside is the separate hatch which of course you will want to leave open to show off the excellent internal detail and an optional MG mounting ring to add as required.

No alterations are needed on the Dragon kit as this cupola simply replaces the kit cupola completely and really adds considerably to the final appearance.

The instruction sheet has clear diagrams showing the location of the parts as well as text notes to make assembling the cupola easy.

Highly recommended
Interior view of assembled parts
Resin Bits


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