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Sherman Open Spoke Road Wheels & Idlers
(Kit #353007)

1/35th Scale
Reviews by Terry Ashley

This set has twelve open spoke Sherman road wheels and two open spoke idler wheels cast in the usual light gray resin.

The wheels are cleanly cast and include the grease plug and relief valve on the centre hub and well defined spoke details. Each lightening hole is filled with resin film that needs careful removal with a sharp model knife but this presented no problems as the hole outline is well defined.

The hub detail in the idler wheel is well defined and the lightening holes also need opening up before use.

The wheels can be used on any Sherman kit by simply drilling out the axle hole to the required diameter for the target kit bogies and then slipping into place while the idlers should fit most kit idler axles but again simply make any adjustments required.

There is a slight mould seam each side of the casting block point that will need smoothing out and any blemish remaining can be positioned at ground level and out of sight so this isn't a problem.

While the wheels are labeled for the Sherman, they could of course be used on any M3 Lee/Grant or M7/M10/M12/M36 kit as required to add additional details.

Highly recommended.

Resin parts
Tiger Model Designs
The wheels before and after cleaning out the resin film from the holes
Tiger Model Designs Tiger Model Designs


SHERMAN A History of the
American Medium Tank

R.P.Hunnicutt. Presidio Books ISBN 0-89141-080-5
Thanks to Joe and Jeff of Tiger Model Designs for the review samples.

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