Tiger Model Designs
M4 Sherman Late Split Hatch TC's Cupola
(Kit #353019)

1/35th Scale
Reviews by Terry Ashley

This set is designed for Tamiya Sherman kits and consists of eight parts for the late style split hatch cupola with different pattern hinge attachments than the early cupola in set #TMD353017 and again is cast in light grey resin without any blemishes as well as one “sprue” from the Periscope set.

The cupola ring is cast with excellent hinge details and inside details of pad sections and latch details. There is a very subtle casting texture added to the cupola ring while there are no casting numbers added. There are numerous photos of the cupola rings without casting numbers as well as with them so this approach will allow the addition of numbers if required to depict any configuration.

The hatches are also the later type and fairly plain as per the real things but nicely cast with good texture on the inner pad section with additional securing latch and the periscopes being the only additions but you will also need to add the grab handles from thin wire and there are holes already included to make the job easier.

The .50cal MG support is very finely cast and proves parts for the later upright clip and the .50cal pintle attachment also includes the small locking handle for added detail definition.

The width of the underside locating ring has been reduced so the cupola will fit any Sherman kit available without any modifications but of course the actualy cupola ring is still the correct size.

There are no instructions with the set but most modellers will have references on these but there is nothing difficult in the comstruction.

Resin parts
Tiger Model Designs

Overall a superbly cast update set for the Sherman that require no mods to the target kit and will add considerable detail definition to any Sherman it is used on.


SHERMAN A History of the
American Medium Tank

R.P.Hunnicutt. Presidio Books ISBN 0-89141-080-5
Thanks to Joe and Jeff of Tiger Model Designs for the review samples.

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