Tiger Model Designs
M4 Sherman oval Turret Hatch
(Kit #353020)

1/35th Scale
Reviews by Terry Ashley

These hatches are designed for the Tamiya Sherman kits M4A3 75mm (kit #35250) and M4A3 105mm (kit #35251) and simply replace the kit hatches.

The set again is cast to a high standard in light grey resin and includes two different sized hatches with separate support springs and attachments plus the latches. The two hatches are different sizes with one larger than the other due to the hatch in kit #35250 being larger than the hatch in kit #35251 and TMD have provided the two so you can use the set on either kit.

The details on the hatches are superb with finely rendered inner pad details and the separate springs are nicely rendered and have good definition but you will have the add the outer grab handle from thin wire.

While there are the two hatches there is only one set of springs and latches so you have to choose which kit the set will be used on before assembly.

There are no instructions with the set but most modellers will have references on these and I have been informed that an small instruction sheet will be added to future sets.

Resin parts
Tiger Model Designs

Overall another superbly cast update set for the Sherman that requires no mods to the target kit and will add considerable detail definition to any Sherman it is used on.


SHERMAN A History of the
American Medium Tank

R.P.Hunnicutt. Presidio Books ISBN 0-89141-080-5
Thanks to Joe and Jeff of Tiger Model Designs for the review samples.

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