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M4 Sherman Late (big) Hull Hatches
(Kit #353022)

1/35th Scale
Reviews by Terry Ashley

This set is designed for Tamiya 47° hull Sherman kits with the large crew hatches but can also be used on other Sherman kits with the big crew hatches.

The set again is cast to a high standard in light grey resin and includes the two hatches plus two periscope “sprues” from the periscope set (TMD353018).

The details on the hatches are superb with finely rendered details such as the periscope mountings inside and out and inside casting numbers but care will be needed when cleaning up the small padlock latch extensions as these are very finely cast and you will need to add grad handles from thin wire to finish off the hatches.

You can add whatever periscope setup you wish from the options on the periscope “sprue” but the hatches will require the inner support bracket trimmed if you want to install the hatch in the closed position but no trimming is needed when shown open, but why would you want to have these hatches closed and hide all the details in any case?

There are no instructions with the set but most modellers will have references on these and I have been informed that an small instruction sheet will be added to future sets.

As mentioned while designed for the Tamiya big hatch Shermans the hatches can also be used on Dragon 47° hull Sherman kits such as the older M4A3 HVSS and new M4A2 kits and on the Italeri M4A1 kit but will be best shown open as the hatches are slightly different in size to the Tamiya kits.

Resin parts
Tiger Model Designs

Overall another superbly cast update set for the Sherman that requires no mods to the target kit and will add considerable detail definition to any Sherman it is used on.


SHERMAN A History of the
American Medium Tank

R.P.Hunnicutt. Presidio Books ISBN 0-89141-080-5
Thanks to Joe and Jeff of Tiger Model Designs for the review samples.

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