T-34 Rubber Road Wheel Masks
1/35th #TX 0094
Review by Terry Ashley

This latest set of wheel masks from Trakz is for the rubber tyred T-34s and includes 12 pre-cut inner and outer self adhesive masks.

The big question with any mask set is do they fit the target wheels and I’m happy to say these masks fit all the major T-34 kits available.

The images below show the masks on wheels from the new Dragon T-34-76s, Dragon T-34-85s, Tamiya T-34-76/Su kits and Marquette T-34-76 kits. Unfortunately the only Italeri/Zvezda T-34 kits I have are steel wheeled versions so I can’t report on the fit to these wheels, sorry.

It is also interesting that all manufacturers agree on the size of the T-34 rubber tyred wheels, the inner rim size at least.

Overall a useful set of masks that can be used on a variety of kits and can also be reused if handled with care.


Dragon T-34-76 wheels
Dragon T-34-85 wheels
Tamiya T-34-76 wheels
Marquette T-34-76 wheels
Thanks to VLS for the review sample.

Page Created 15 August 2004

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