Char B1 bis
1:35th #TX 0126
Review by Terry Ashley

Tamiya This simple update set from Trakz in designed for the Tamiya Char B1 bis (kit #35282) with the set having just 5 pieces cast in light cream resin with the usual casting blocks and some fine resin film to be removed but no other blemishes are present.

The set gives you two complete Commander’s observation hoods, one with open binocular sight cover and the other with the closed cover.

There is nice cast texture on the hood surface and the side vision port is moulded closed and also includes the six flush screw heads on the top but unfortunately these are two small, too deep, unevenly aligned and in the complete wrong position being too far forward on the hood. Added to this the lower bolted lip is the wrong shape with the actual hood having a thin lower lip and indented bolted strip above this with these featured being correct on the Blast Models B1 bis sets just released.

Resin hood and image of real hood showing the correct details as opposed to those on the resin hoods.
Real hood image courtesy of Model Art Char B1 bis book

So while you get two hoods they are basically of no use if you want the correct details but you could fill in the screw holes and start again adding the screws from the Lionmarc/Passion Models 0.6mm Brass screw heads.

The 75mm gun mantlet is also provided that includes the six small bolt heads around the barrel opening and the small pigtail lifting eye on the top but take care as this is quite fragile with the fit of the mantlet to the kit being very good.

Note: The Lionmarc/Passion Models metal 75mm barrel is fitted to the kit here.

Finally there is the large aerial base and guard on the rear hull with the concertina section of the aerial base being very even like the Tamiya kit part while photos show uneven contours.


Unfortunately there is very little to recommend with this set as the observation hoods have the wrong flush screws and lower lip detail but the aerial base has improved detail and the bolt heads are on the 75mm gun mantlet.

Not recommended

Resin parts

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Hommes et Matériels du 15e BCC CHARS B AU COMBAT
Histoire & Collections
ISBN 2-913903-42-8
B1-B1 bis-B1 ter

Trackstory No.3
ISBN 2-9520988-4-4
Char B1 bis
AFV Super Detail Photo Book Vol.2
Model Art Co.Ltd
French Military Vehicles

Ground Power Special 12/03
Thanks to my credit card for the review set.

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