M2/M3 DCSR Halftrack Wheels
1:35th #TX 0127
Review by Terry Ashley


This is the first of four sets of replacement front wheels from Trakz designed for the recent Dragon M2/M2A1 Half Track (kit #6329) with set offering the Directional Chevron Tread on Standard Rim wheels.

This Directional Chevron Tread / Standard Rim wheels were very common on early Half Tracks and on many pilot and training half tracks but rarely on operational vehicles especially after D-Day.

The set gives you the two front wheels and two spares with the four wheels in my set already having the casting blocks broken off leaving just the casting block scar and some thin resin film in the rim lightening holes to be removed. There were a few large air holes exposed when the casting blocks were broken off and you can either fill these or position them out of the way at ground contact.


The casting quality is very good resulting in cleanly defined rim, hub and Directional Chevron Tread details but there were unfortunately several large air holes marring the finish. On one of the front wheels three of the rim bolts had large air holes and a few around the tread shoulder and these will need careful filling whole the hub bolts will need replacing. You can of course cut off the Dragon wheel hub bolts to use on the resin wheels as there will be replacing the kit wheels in any case.

The wheels are also cast completely round thankfully which matches the vast majority of half-track pictures but we have been over this before so I won’t labour the point and the contours of the rims also match photos perfectly for good detail.

Adding the resin wheels to the Dragon kit is very straightforward as they are designed to fit straight onto the kit wheel hubs (parts D11, D20) which they do perfectly making any alterations unnecessary.

The two spares can be used anywhere you want really and add a nice bonus to the set.


Overall a very good set of replacement wheels and the air hole problem in my hub bolts may not be evident in all sets but is disappointing there is not better quality control.

The Directional Chevron Tread and Standard Rim wheels have not been included in any kit before and this set will be welcomed for offering this style as a good alternative for early Half Tracks as mentioned.

Recommended 7.5/10

Images comparing the resin and the real wheels (right)

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Thanks to my credit card and ModelMecca for the review kit.

Page Created March 24, 2007

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