M2/M3 DCCR Halftrack Wheels
1:35th #TX 0128
Review by Terry Ashley


This second of the four sets of replacement front wheels from Trakz designed for the recent Dragon M2/M2A1 Half Track (kit #6329) gives you the Directional Chevron Tread on Combat Rim wheels.

This combination of Directional Chevron Tread and Combat Rim wheels is not very common and pictures of this combination are hard to come by with the only ones I could fine were on pilot vehicles.

The set again gives you the two front wheels and two spares with the casting blocks and some thin resin film in the rim lightening holes to be removed. There were a few large air holes exposed when the casting blocks were broken off and you can either fill these or position them out of the way at ground contact.


The casting quality is very good without any additional air holes resulting in cleanly defined rim, hub and Directional Chevron Tread details but the contours of the Combat Rims was not quite right with the outer rim curve being too square and the lightening holes a bit too big and there is little that can be done about this. The tyre valve recess is included and you can add the valve stem from thin sprue or wire.

The wheels are also cast completely round thankfully which matches the vast majority of half-track pictures but we have been over this before so I won’t labour the point.

Adding the resin wheels to the Dragon kit is very straightforward as they are designed to fit straight onto the kit wheel hubs (parts D11, D20) which they do perfectly making any alterations unnecessary.

The two spares can be used anywhere you want really and add a nice bonus to the set.


While the casting quality of this set is very good the combination of Directional Chevron Tread and Combat Rim wheels is not very common and the contour issues of the rims lets the set down a little.

Recommended 6.5/10

Images comparing the rims of available Half-track wheels and the real rim (lower right)
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Thanks to my credit card and Rainbow Tenfor the review kit.

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