LAV Series 8x8 Tires
(325/85 R16 XML)

Trumpeter Set No. 06607
1:35th Scale

Review by Terry Ashley

General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada have been upgrading the USMC LAV-25 to the new LAV-A2 standard with numerous system upgrades including new suspension components with the most visible change being the adoption of the larger Michelin 325/85 R16 XML tyres on wider rims similar to those used on the Australian ASLAV and Canadian Coyote series of LAVs.

The Wheels:

Trumpeter have now released a similar upgrade set for their LAV25 kits that consists of one sprue in light grey plastic with 16 rim parts and eight 325/85 R16 XML tyres in black vinyl material.

There is no flash on any of the plastic parts and the tyres are cleanly moulded with just a moulding seam around one edge of the tread pattern which if you position to the inside will be all but hidden on the model.

Vinyl Tyres

Detail on the vinyl tyres is well done with the dimensions matching available information and the bold tread pattern nicely represented as is the sidewall details that includes very fine rendering for “Radial”, “325/85 R16 XML” and “X” and subtle sidewall contouring.

View of sidewall and tread pattern
note mould seam down one side of tread


Comparing the tread pattern to the other available XML tyres from Hobby Fan (set #HF 804) and Maple Leaf (set #MLM1001) sees the Trumpeter pattern very well done for this medium and compares well to photos of the wheels as well.

Comparison with tread pattern on the Maple Leaf (middle) and Hobby Fan (right)
Michelin wheels


Each of the wheel rims are in two parts each, the inner and outer rims with different axle stubs for the 4 front and 4 rear wheels on the Trumpeter LAV kits and these are glued together and then fitted into the vinyl tyres which are moulded hollow for a little flexibility with the fit being very snug around the rim.

There is one issue with the rims in that they are too shallow with the hub not being as tall and it should be, this is only a small amount but quite noticeable when comparing to photos of the actual rims.

It should be noted also that the new rims for the USMC A2 are not as deep as for the ASLAV and Coyote wheels and also have different bolt head arrangements.

Two part wheel rims
Trumpeter wheels and real wheel for comparison
note shallow wheel rims and hubs on plastic rims



These new LAV wheels from Trumpeter capture the wide bolder tread and sidewall detail of the Michelin 325/85 R16 XML tyres very well but the set is let down by the rims which are too shallow around the hubs.

Despite this they will add a very different appearance to any LAV 25/A2 kit and the wider Michelins also give a more aggressive look to the vehicles.

Highly recommended. 7.5/10

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The Sprues:



Thanks to the Australia Trumpeter Distributors, J.B.Wholesalers for the review set

Page created March 25, 2008