Panzer IV Interior
Update Set No. 1534

Designed for Tamiya Kit 35181
Review by Terry Ashley


This set is designed for the Tamiya Panzer IV J and comprises 96 cleanly cast resin pieces. Everything (well almost) is there except the engine (available separately in Set No. 1294).
The lower hull has the drivers compartment complete with front bulkhead, transmission, seats, instrument panel, radios, brake assemblies and other small details. The center fighting compartment has the floor section including ammo bins and rear bulkhead. Additional details are included for the lower hull sidewalls. The upper hull has two side sponson shelves and central cross beam. All this builds into a very busy lower hull and should look good with careful painting.

The turret interior is just as busy. The lower turret floor is attached to the turret ring with three tube supports. Numerous small fittings around the turret ring and inside the roof are provided along with interior periscope detail around the commander's cupola. A new gun breech is provided to which you add the kit guards and side support. Additional gun mounts, sights and co-ax machine gun finish off the turret. Finally there is 18 rounds of 75mm ammo to add to the interior ammo bins or use separately.

In all a very comprehensive detail set and along with the previously released Panzer IV engine bay (Set No. 1294) should make a very impressive model. It's a pity only small parts of all this detail can be seen when the kit is finished, leaving all the hull and turret hatches open is almost mandatory if not to waste the excellent detail in this update set.

The Hull Bits
The Turret Bits

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