M-12 Detail Set
No. 1703

For Academy 1/35 Kit No. 1394

Review by Terry Ashley


This set is designed for the Academy M-12 GMC released recently. Consisting of 79 resin parts and 51 etched metal parts it is a comprehensive set.

The resin parts are cast in grey/green resin to the usual quality from Verlinden. The detail set is fairly extensive providing a full engine and compartment as well as a replacement forward bulkhead and transmission with seats and controls to fill out the driver's compartment. Additional parts are provided for the rear seats, 155mm rounds and canisters plus etched parts to add further detail.

VerlindenThe decision to replace the kit forward bulkhead and transmission is up to you; personally I couldn't see the point as the kit parts are perfectly adequate. Any minor details can easily be added to the kit parts and that then leaves you with a spare forward transmission for any other Sherman kit.

The engine compartment is a major update. Surgery is required on the kit upper hull to remove the top panel and side battery cover, this shouldn't prove difficult but care should be taken because once this plastic is removed the left hull sponson is only attached to the front section by a very small join, some of the internal bracing is also removed.

The replacement engine compartment consists of the four walls plus upper hull plate with etched screens. Other details both in resin and etched metal add further to the compartment. Early style rounded air cleaners are also provided to replace the late square air clearers in the kit if desired? The one rule here is check the fit of parts before attaching anything, and then check again.

Added to this is a complete radial engine with separate exhausts and other details which builds into an impressive assembly. This is the same engine included with the Sherman M4 Engine and Compartment set No.1120 from a while back.

The gun is enhanced with a replacement resin pedestal mount which has the seven stiffener plates in etched metal with the lightening hole included. A nice addition as I had been wondering how to add these holes to the kit parts, a rebuild with plastic card was the best bet, but now this solves the problem.

The side gun shield is also provided in etched metal for a better scale representation. Twelve 155mm rounds of different types are also included as well as five rounds still in there cardboard canisters.

Other etched parts included are the front light guards and pioneer tool supports as well as the tools in resin. Four resin periscopes are also included for the driver's hatches but these moulds have been in use for a few years now and are looking a little tied.

The instructions are the now usual combination of text with basic diagrams. Some items don't get shown in the diagrams and you have to read the instructions carefully to locate these. Read these instructions thoroughly before commencing assembly to ensure you understand what is required.

In all a very comprehensive update set that offers some nice details, as I mentioned to use the full set or just parts (engine etc) is up to you.
Will add considerably to the finished model.

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Page Created 8 January 2002

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