T-55 A (M) Detail Set
1/35 Kit No. 1935

Review by Terry Ashley

This set is supposed to be for the Tamiya T-55 but is just the etched metal parts from the earlier set No.705 designed for the ESCI T-55 and it shows.

The instructions say that they (Verlinden) found that these parts also fit the Tamiya kit; well they must have a different Tamiya kit than I do.

The instructions say “Note that a small number of parts may require slight trimming in order to fit the Tamiya kit” and must be the understatement of the year.

The fender supports are way oversize for the Tamiya kit meaning they extend right to the edge of the kit fenders and foul on the small lip along the edge of the kit fenders. The etched fender supports are also one dimensional and lack details when compared to the kit parts despite the instructions claiming they are more detailed?

The etched lip for the exhaust outlet is also way oversized and simply does not fit the Tamiya exhaust outlet while the rear fuel tank supports seem undersized and a different style than the kit parts. The ditching beam supports can be used to replace the kit items and other small parts such as the position keep light supports could also be used to improve the kit supports.

Some of the smaller parts such as storage box latches and turret ammo box supports may be useful but the Tamiya fender storage boxes are nicely detailed in the area and have far more details than the bland ESCI storage boxes.

The instructions say they have been altered to reflect the Tamiya kit but the diagrams of the turret and hull are the same as the original instructions and clearly show the ESCI turret and hull, the only alterations are the elimination of some items and the addition of the words “Tamiya Kit Parts”.

It may seem I have been over critical but this is just an exercise in opportunism with very little to offer the modeller and you would be well advised to wait for sets designed specifically for the Tamiya kit such as the Eduard set just released.

The Etched Bits

Page created 6 April 2003

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