T-34-85 85mm Ammo
1/35 Kit No. 2028

Review by Terry Ashley

This ammo set from Verlinden contains 18 parts in grey/green resin and includes 12 85mm rounds and 6 empty shell cases for the T-34-85.

Two types of ammo are included, 6 fragmentation projectiles and 6 armour-piercing projectiles plus the 6 empty shell cases.

The only cleanup is to remove the rounds from their casting block but unfortunately they are plagued with large air bubbles, something that usually doesn’t appear in Verlinden sets?

Most of the ammo rounds have large air bubble holes in the tips and the empty cases also has air holes around the top section as well as having no details on the bottom of the shell cases.

All of this means the set I have is virtually useless and given the superb 85mm rounds just released by Hussar Productions why would you even bother.

We can only hope that this air bubble problem is not endemic in these sets as they could come in handy for quick and easy accessories for dioramas or vehicles.

Large air bubbles in tips of most rounds

Page created 28 March 2004

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