280mm Ammo for K5 Leopold Railgun

1/35 Kit No. 2031
Review by Terry Ashley

This ammo set from Verlinden contains 16 parts in the usual gray/green resin and can be used with either the Dragon K5(E) or Trumpeter K5(E) kits.

Two types of ammo are included, two Gr 35 rounds with raised ribs and two Gr 42 rounds with single driving band plus four bagged charges, four empty shell cases for the Gr 42 rounds and four metal shell containers.

The parts are cast cleanly with the only cleanup needed is the removal of the casting block, this results in no detail on the base of the rounds or shell cases, something that is very noticeable on the Gr 35 rounds.

The Gr 35 and Gr 42 rounds both appear to be oversized when compared to available information being too long and the ribs on the Gr 35 are also slightly oversized. The Gr 42 rounds don't fit into their shell cases without some modification to both if you wanted to show them together.

The detail on the bagged charges and shell cases is quite good but again there is no detail on one end due to the casting block position, the shell cases have the first 4mm hollowed out and may need drilling out if used as separate shell cases in a diorama?

If you wanted some quick and easy ammo for your K5 and weren't too fussed about the finer details this set will probably suffice and the easy availability of Verlinden sets will appeal, but if you wanted more accurate rounds then the Nuts'n'Bits Gr 35 rounds and the Schatton Modellbau Gr 42 rounds will be the way to go.

The Verlinden Gr 35 round compared to the Nuts'n'bits round
showing the difference in size and detail. Note plain base on Verlinden round.

Page created 6 April 2004

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