Voyager Models
Cleaning Rods for Tiger I
1:35 ScaleSet # ME-A054

Review by Terry Ashley

Voyager Models

This is the first of five sets of gun cleaning rods from Voyager Models for various German vehicles of WWII that includes the rod racks and clips in fine resin and etched brass with turned brass cleaning rods.

This set has more in store as it also includes copper wire for the hull top tow cables with resin cable ends and resin and etched cable brackets to add to any applicable Tiger I kit.

The etched parts are the usual high standard from Voyager with the resin parts cleanly cast with just small casting blocks to be removed and the six brass cleaning rod segments are perfectly formed and are designed to fit together to form the full length rod.

The cleaning rod brackets are made up of resin lower racks and etched brass clips with small wing nuts to hold these in place.

The copper wire has good texture for the cables and can easily be formed to the required shape of the stowed Tiger I cables on the hull with the brackets and clips made up of fine brass parts with again wing nuts to secure these in place.

Voyager ModelsVoyager Models
Voyager Models
Voyager Models

The cleaning rod segments are as mentioned designed to fit together which they do perfectly with the join being almost invisible after and you will have to glue these together to form the full length rods but there is no actual cleaning head provided in this set as with the other sets.

Voyager Models

The small instruction sheet has clear illustrations showing the assembly of the cleaning rod racks and tow cable clips and there shouldn't be any problems during assembly.

Voyager Models

This is a fairly simply update set to add the finer details to the applicable kit cleaning rods and clips with the bonus in this set of the tow cables and clips. The set can be used on any available Tiger I kit with the resin and etched parts simply replacing the kit parts.

Highly recommended.

See the Voyager Models website for additional details.

Thanks to Voyager Models for kindly providing the review samples.

Page Created July 20, 2006

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