Voyager Models
SLT-56 Franziska PE Update
Set No. PE 35008
Review by Terry Ashley

Trumpeter This PE update set designed for the Trumpeter Franziska Tank Transporter has been much anticipated and I have been able to have a detailed look at the set thanks to the folks at Voyager Models.

Firstly I will mention the packaging as this is a little different than the normal plastic bags PE sets usually come in. The PE frets are enclosed in a stout cardboard foldout pack similar in size and shape to a double music or software CD pack and offers good protection for the frets.

Enclosed in the pack are eight PE frets of excellent quality finely etched parts from nice relief on the details to the excellent weave effect on the radiator grill with the parts having the usual engraved lines to help with the bending process and a metal bending tool such as the Etch Mate or Hold & Fold will also come in handy in using the set.

The frets are etched in three different thicknesses of .015mm for frets A to E, 0.25mm for frets F / G and thicker 0.50mm for fret H to cater for the different details from the thin tread plate to the heavy details on the side of the gooseneck all of which should help with the final appearance.

The contents of the set are:

Voyager Models
Voyager Models

As you would expect with that many parts the details are everywhere with the cab interior getting an etched instrument panel with photo film instruments, driver’s foot pedals and extensive details on the inside of the roof hatch. On the outside are the three windscreen wipers with seven parts to each wiper as well as hinge details on the front panel and doors plus tread plate for the side mounting steps.

The entire spare wheel rack is replaced with etched parts with the frame and securing straps added to the kit fuel tank while all the fenders have nicely detailed tread plate added, this requires removing the moulded on details from the kit fenders but there are new etched bolts and small fittings to replace these.

The top deck of the rear tractor also gets a large tread plate sheet which again requires the moulded on details on the kit part to be removed with new etched parts to replace these on top of the new tread plate.

All the storage boxes, air tanks and exhausts have new etched securing brackets and straps to replace the moulded on details to add good definition to the assemblies as well as the two winch housings being completely replaced with etched parts with the copper wire to replace the kit supplied twine. As the wire is in copper it is quite soft and flexible while still having the excellent real metal look of the steel cable.

The grill on top of the engine radiator intake is also replaced with etched screen which has a nice weave effect included and the large radiator on the right hand winch motor is replaced with a multi part etched assembly that is quite impressive.

On the gooseneck the large brackets on the sides are replaced with the thicker 0.50mm parts, these require a bit more effort to remove from the fret and work but the added thickness looks good when fitted. All the tools on the tractor and trailer have new etched brackets replacing the moulded on detail and there are many smaller details to add such as the padlocks on the storage boxes and small hinge details as well as numerous bolt heads.

The attachment shackles for securing the vehicle being carried is noteworthy as it has multiple etched brackets and hooks as well as the chain included for a nicely detailed little assembly.

This is only a brief rundown on the many parts in the sets and to best illustrate the full potential I have included scans of the six pages of instructions to show everything in the set. The instructions are quite clear and easy to follow, something a set with this many parts really needs and they should make assembling the parts quite easy.

This is an excellent etched detail set with the quality being as good as anything you will see today from companies that have been in the game for some time with the addition of the copper cable and chain adding to the details and all points to good things to come from Voyager Models.

At this time I’m not aware of any outlets for the Voyage Models etched sets but as soon as this becomes know this page will be updated with the info, but I think once the news of these excellent sets gets out this minor problem will be quickly resolved.

Highly recommended.

The etched frets
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Voyager ModelsVoyager ModelsVoyager ModelsVoyager Models
Instruction Sheets
Voyager ModelsVoyager ModelsVoyager ModelsVoyager ModelsVoyager ModelsVoyager Models
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See the Voyager Models website for additional details.
Check out for a walkaround on the Franziska;

Thanks to Mr. Xu lifeng of Voyager Models for kindly providing the review sample.

Page Created 3 November 2003

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