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PE Update

Set No. PE 35009
Review by Terry Ashley

Dragon This PE update set is designed for the Dragon Hetzer Early Version (kit No.6030) and like previous Voyager etched sets sees the PE frets enclosed in a stout cardboard foldout pack that offers good protection for the contents.

The set has four PE frets of excellent finely etched parts with nice relief on the details and excellent effects on the radiator grills with the parts having the usual engraved lines to help with the bending process, a metal bending tool such as the Etch Mate or Hold & Fold will be handy in using the set.

The frets in the set are etched in two different thicknesses with three in .015mm and one in 0.25mm.

The contents of the set is:
Voyager Models

The main features of the set are new fenders with separate supports, the rear engine intake screen, side armour skirts, alternate fender tool boxes and the many small tool brackets and clips.

The front and rear fenders replace the kit fenders that require you to remove the moulded on front fender. The new fenders are etched in the softer copper and require the edges be bent to shape and the strengthening ribs added by lightly embossing from below which is best done with a ballpoint pen or similar round point using several light strokes instead of one heavy stroke to avoid deforming the fender.
It is best the bend the sides before embossing the ribs as it is very easy to damage these if you try to bend the edges afterwards and also adds strength to keep the parts straight and are perfect fare for either of the metal bending tools mentioned above.
Added to the fenders are separate fender supports which also have separate etched bolt heads to add in the required places, this gives better detail definition than if the bolts were included on the fenders.

The clips and brackets for the tools and jack are provided in multi-part assemblies which require the plastic clips to be removed from the kit tools and again add good detail definition. On the hull top is the sight protection bracket and replacement remote controlled MG shields (in thicker 0.25mm Brass) while on the hull front is the NOTEK light bracket and new etched tie downs around the top of the upper hull plates.

On the rear hull is the new engine intake screen assembly that sees the screen with finely rendered mesh and the sliding plate between the mesh and lower kit grills, this is extremely well done and includes the small wing nut on the sliding plate. The muffler heat shield is also provided in thin copper that requires careful bending to shape but unfortunately has incorrect shaped holes in the screen, they should actually be round and spaced further apart than the square holes in the screen provided, the instructions actually show the round holes in the screen so the inclusion of the incorrect part is bit of a mystery.

The usual 38t style fender storage boxes are provided in two styles, the early box with perforated panels and the later solid box. The perforated boxes can be seen in reference photos with and without holes in the two end panels but close inspection sees the etched end sections with too few holes while all the other panels have the correct number of holes. The boxes are very easy to assemble and the solid box has separate front latches while both boxes have separate lids so they can be shown open if required?

The new etched brass side armour plates are in the 0.15mm brass and have separate mounting brackets that have additional etched washers and bolts for good detail definition. Later armour plates had two external round bolt heads on each supporting bracket and these can be added if your wish depending on the vehicle you are modelling?

The instructions are three pages of clear drawings showing the assembly and positioning of the parts and are easy to follow and there shouldn’t be any problems working out what goes where.

Overall a nice set with well defined details on the parts provided and many of these could be used on other Hetzer kits as well. The fenders and engine intake are especially well done with only the muffler screen being a problem area you can’t do anything about.

Highly recommended.
Voyager Models
The etched frets

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Thanks to Voyager Models for kindly providing the review samples.

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