Voyager Models
Sd.Kfz.251 Ausf.C
PE Update

Set No. PE 35019
Review by Terry Ashley

Dragon This PE update set is designed for the Dragon Sd.Kfz.251 Ausf.C (kit No.6187) and like previous Voyager etched sets sees the PE frets enclosed in a stout cardboard foldout pack that offers good protection for the contents.

The set has four PE frets of excellent finely etched parts with nice relief on the details typified by the excellent effects on floor treadplate and seat back springs with the parts having the usual engraved lines to help with the bending process.

As with previous Voyager etched sets there are different thickness frets for added definition to the parts.

The contents of the set is:
Voyager Models

The main features of the set is in the interior with new floor treadplate, new crew seats and seat mountings plus radio rack and instrument panel with photo film dials.

To add the new floor plate and seats you have to remove the moulded on details including the centre hump from the Dragon floor section (part A10), except the small box between the seats which should be easy to deal with.

Voyager Models

The treadplate has nice subtle embossing with separate parts for the various inspection panels in the floor with separate central humps again with nice treadplate pattern while the seat mountings made from etched parts joined by plastic rod and very nice looking springs on the rear of the seats.

There are new driver’s foot pedals as well as etched radio rack next to the etched instrument panel with photo film dials. In the rear is internal brackets and latches for the two crew doors as well as small railings inside the upper hull lip while at the front is a new upper panel with three part splash guard and new machine gun shield.

On the exterior are new rear mudflaps and side mounted traffic indicator containers while most of the remaining small parts are for the many tool clips, equipment mounting brackets, side storage box latches, jerry can racks and rear tail lights and light brackets.

The many small but well detailed clips replace the clips moulded on the kit tools and accessories which require you to remove these from the kit parts and you can use the Dragon kit instructions to determine the location of the various clips.

The excellent quality of the etching and the delicate tool clips as well as the interior details will add considerably to the finesse of the nice Dragon kit and apart from the alteration to the floor part and removal of the moulded on tool clips should be easy to fit the kit.

Highly recommended.
Voyager Models
The etched frets

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Voyager Models
Instruction Sheets
Voyager ModelsVoyager Models
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