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Sd.Kfz.251 Ausf.D
PE Update

Set # PE 35045
Review by Terry Ashley

DragonVoyager Model have released two update sets designed for the Dragon Sd.Kfz. 251 Ausf. D 3 in 1 (kit #6233), this set #PE35045 has details for the basic 251 vehicle while set #PE35043 with updates for the 251/9 7.5cm KwK37 (L/24) version and both contain resin and etched metal parts.

This set #PE35045 consists of four large etched frets and four smaller frets plus new resin front wheels and a couple of tools and clear film instrument panel details and two lengths of thin plastic rod for a true multi-media set and is packed in a stout card box that protects the parts well.

The quality of the etched is again excellent with well defined and cleanly etched parts with the usual engraved lines to help with the bending process which shouldn’t pose any problems, less so if you use any of the available etched metal bending tools.
The frets are of different thickness depending for parts such as tool clips or hull panels and this also helps with the appearance of the parts once fitted to the model.

The larger items in the set is new interior floor sections with fine tread plate pattern which does require you to file or sand off the moulded on detail on the Dragon kit floor, this includes the seat mountings as these are also replaced with etched mountings. The only issue here is the new central hump sections are the same size as the kit parts and don’t address the undersized central hump in the kit.

The instrument panel is also in etched metal with the photo film sheet for the dials plus a new radio rack and new rear side bins which also form the back of the crew seat back rests as well as the lower storage boxes under the seats to make up the main interior update parts.

The upper hull panel above the driver is replaced with a thicker etched panel with three sections to make up the bullet splash guard for a good appearance and all the remaining parts are for the many equipment tool clips such as the exterior axe and pick which are also provided in resin and the racks for the fire extinguisher, gas mask container and MP40 rack.

Other parts include the padlocks and chains for the side storage boxes although the padlocks are a little one dimensional they should look okay plus the rear tail light face and rear mudflaps and some other smaller fittings.

The new resin front wheels are well cast with good rim details that included the hole for the tyre valve which you easily add from the stretched sprue and also the inner hub details have good definition. The tread pattern is also well done and the wheels are a straight swap for the kit parts but strangely they don’t get a mention on the instruction sheet so it’s good they are easy to fit. As mentioned there is a new axe and pick as well as finely cast MG42 and three other parts I found very interesting.

You are also given very finely etched stencils for the data blocks often seen on the left hull side with data for the 251/1D, 251/9D and 251/20 which will allow you to airbrush these data blocks on any applicable model alleviating the need for decals to give a more authentic look but you will have to clean these stencils carefully as they are very fine and will become clogged if the paint is allowed to dry on the stencil but I very nice inclusion.

Overall a nice etched and resin set with many smaller detail parts but it’s unfortunate the replacement central floor hump doesn’t correct the undersized kit parts but the other parts provided will add definition to the model and the resin wheels are a nice bonus as are the data block stencils (I love ‘em).

Highly recommended

Also see set #PE34043 for the 7.5cm KwK37 (L/24) version from kit #6233

The etched frets
Click for larger view of main larger parts
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Smaller etched parts
Voyager ModelsVoyager Models
Resin bits
Voyager ModelsVoyager Models
Clear part
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See the Voyager Models website for additional details.

Thanks to Voyager Models for kindly providing the review samples.

Page Created 22 March 2005

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