Voyager Models
Tiger I Initial Production
PE Update

1:35 Set # PE 35055
Review by Terry Ashley

DragonThis set from Voyager Models is designed for the Dragon Tiger I Early Production (kit #6252) and is basically confined to the finer details to add just that bit extra.

The set consists of five etched frets of different thickness metal for different items as well as the engine deck screens in a nickel alloy instead of the brass for the other parts plus two short lengths of plastic rod and one of thin wire.

The quality of the etching is excellent as well have come to expect from Voyager with cleanly etched parts some of which are very fine and the usual engraved bending lines to make life easier during assembly.

The main parts in the set are the already mentioned engine deck screens which feature a subtle weave effect in the etchings with the cut-out for the fuel filler cap on the larger screen having the edging while the latch cut-out on the smaller grill has no edging which is correct. The edges of these screens were bent slightly downward to fit the engine grills on the real Tiger but there is no allowance for that with the screens designed to just sit on top of the kit grills which should look okay in most instances. The screens also fit the kit grills perfectly as you would expect they would.

The distinctive front fenders of the early Tigers are provided with a choice of two surface patterns, one with fine squares and the other a diamond pattern with separate side sills and you should check your references to determine which pattern is applicable to the Tiger you are building. There are also two part workable hinges for the fenders using the thin wire provided if you want to go that far and also the small T securing latch to hold the fenders in place is provided

The rear foldable fenders are also provided with separate re-enforcing ribs and both the front and rear fenders simply replace the kit fenders for a finer look.

The remainder of the parts are all for the finer details such as all tool clips and brackets for the hull top and rear mounted tools plus the fire extinguisher mounts and intricate jack mounting on the rear plate as well all the inside turret and hull hatch latches and handles and fine wing nuts for the turret ventilator cover.

At the front the spare track racks are replaced with etched parts as are the head light mounting brackets and the turret side and rear stowage bins have their mounting brackets and latches replaced with etched parts.

The instructions are exploded view drawings showing the fitting of the parts and assembly sequences where needed and are quite clear and easy to follow.

A nicely detailed set with the finer details as well as the engine deck screens and choice of front fenders adds a nice touch to dress up the Dragon Tiger just that bit more.


The etched frets
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See the Voyager Models website for additional details.

Thanks to Voyager Models for kindly providing the review samples.

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