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Voyager Models Set # PE 35064
Review by Terry Ashley

TrumpeterTrumpeter’s recent kit of the German 12.8cm Selbstfahrlafette L/61 "Sturer Emil" (kit #00350) was well received due to the excellent overall quality, reasonable price and the fact it will build into a very presentable model out of the box.

But to add to this Voyager have release this PE set that concentrates mostly on the interior with just the fenders, tool clips and a few other small parts for the outside to add more detail definition if you want it.

The set consist of ten etched frets of differing sizes and thickness with the larger parts and many small parts plus two lengths of plastic rod and a short length of wire as well as five resin pieces to replace some kit parts.

The standard of etching is again superb as we have come to expect from Voyager with clean crisp details and the usual engraved bending lines to assist with assembly while the resin parts are also crisply cast without any blemishes and just the small casting blocks to be removed.

Exterior parts:
As mentioned the main exterior parts are the full fenders that completely replace the kit fenders which have to be removed from the Trumpeter upper hull first which is fairly easy given the fenders are only joined to the front section of the kit hull.

The new etched fenders are in short sections with nice tread plate pattern that fit between the fender support brackets made up of five parts each with additional supports front and rear plus the hinged mud guards that have working hinges. The outer L shaped fender lips are additional separate parts as are the forward hull attachment brackets with additional brackets added to the fenders for the headlight, taillight, NOTEK light and horn, plus the small T fender clips.

The large ‘box’ fenders at the rear hull corners are also proved as etched replacements with the same tread plate pattern and additional attachment brackets on the fender and hull wall.

All the tool clips are provided in etched metal as well as the brackets for the shovel, fire extinguishers and jack block, plus the two resin jack bodies that have additional etched parts and bracket clips added.

There are also some small hinges, the aerial mounts and front spare tracks brackets plus exhaust brackets and the inner muzzle brake grommet to finish off the exterior.

Interior parts:
All the ammo racks and box containers are replaced with etched items and these include the exposed ammo racks with the rack frames and round clips holding the shells in place as well as base discs for the kit ammo shells to add additional details here. You will have to cut off the clips from the 128mm kit rounds for the new etched clips but basically this is fairly straightforward.
The forward ammo lockers have individual compartment doors that can be shown open on closed to add some animation to the interior plus racks for the MP40s, hand grenades and personal equipment stored on the side walls and again you will have to cut off the moulded on plastic clips to add the finer etched items.

The three new resin radios are housed in delicate etched racks and include etched headphones and smaller brackets as well as numerous smaller clips and brackets around the inside compartment and gun sights.

As a bonus there is also a small markings stencil with the black and white balkenkreuz sections and two part unit insignia stencil as well as barrel kill marking stencil to aid in adding painted on markings.

The instructions are on four A4 sized pages with exploded view drawings of the assemblies are quite easy to follow but as usual careful study of the sequences before any cutting will reduce problems and some soldering skills will also come in very handy with this set.

Overall this is an excellent set that concentrates mostly on the finer details with just the fenders requiring major modifications to the kit with the interior details adding considerable detail definition to the assemblies.

The tool clips and brackets inside and out will also add the finer details to again add definition to make a nice kit even better.

Highly recommended

The etched frets
Click for larger view of main larger parts
Voyager ModelsVoyager Models
Detail images below courtesy Voyager Models website
Voyager ModelsVoyager Models
Voyager ModelsVoyager Models

See the Voyager Models website for additional details.

Thanks to Voyager Models for kindly providing the review samples.

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