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Voyager Models 1:35 Set # PE 35068
Review by Terry Ashley

Voyager are the first cab of the rank with this etched update set for the new Trumpeter KV kits and it contains relatively few update parts which is testament to the basically sound Trumpeter kits in the place.

The set consists of three etched frets with 185 parts plus three resin pistol port plugs with short lengths of plastic rod and wire and of course the instruction sheet.

The etched parts are excellent quality with very cleanly etched parts and the usual relief where required plus engraved bending lines to help with this process.

There are only a few areas detailed in the set with the most obvious being the engine intake grills which have new frames and mesh covering which has a nice weave effect included. The new intakes when assembled simply replace the solid kit intakes (parts D9) leaving the inner louvers Trumpeter so kindly included fully visible.
Only one type of grill is provided, that with curved profile at both ends but this seems to be the most common type seen in period photographs. There is also the full width grill mesh for the underside of the rear hull overhang which won’t be seen after assembly but you know it’s there.

The other major parts are complete new large fender storage boxes made up of multiple parts with separate workable hinges and latches allowing these to be shown open if required. The smaller rectangular storage boxes are also included with all latches and attachment points included as well as fine chain for the latches.
Etched securing straps and attachment points are also provided which were sometimes used to hold the storage boxes in place but you should check references to see if these are applicable?

The round crew and engine deck hatches get new inner locking mechanisms made up of 10 parts each which include working hinges and fixed central latches. You have to remove the moulded on hatch details from the kit parts and there are new inner surface metal discs provided so you don’t have to be too careful when removing the details which is good as it’s difficult to get the modelling knife flat due to the raised lip of the hatch which you should take care not to damage.

Assembly of the new latch mechanism is quite straightforward for anyone experienced working with etched parts with only basic bending and shaping of the hinges required with the thin rod used as hinge rods.

Finally there is the resin pistol port plugs that have fine etched chain attached which requires you to drill out the turret port holes to use the new plugs if you require for some additional animation on the kit.

The instructions are the usual exploded view drawings which are easy to follow and clearly show the assembly sequences.

In all a fairly simple update with only minor alterations required on the kit hatches for the new parts which mostly just replace the kit parts to add some nice extra details to the kits.

Highly recommended.

The etched frets
Voyager Models
Close up of mesh
Voyager Models
Fret B x 2
Voyager Models
Resin parts, wire and plastic rod
Voyager Models

See the Voyager Models website for additional details.

Review set courtesy of my Credit Card and the excellent service from Rainbow Ten.

Page Created 1 August 2005

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