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Voyager Models 1:35 Set # PE 35069
Review by Terry Ashley

To compliment the update set PE35068 is this full set of replacement fenders for the Trumpeter KV kits with four etched frets containing 70 etched parts of the usual high standards. All the rivets are depicted as small indentations which you burnish from the underside to form the raised rivet head; this may take a bit of time but gives a nice effect and should be done before any assembly begins.

The etched fenders are only applicable to kit 00356 'KV-1 (model 1941) Small Turret' and kit 00312 'KV-2' as the other two kits 000358 and 00359 have fenders 1.5mm narrower.

There are different parts for the left and right fenders so make sure these are not mixed up with the main fenders being in three segments with separate outer lips and underside reinforcing strip down the middle of the fenders.

The upper fender supports are in two parts each with the lower bracket and angled re-enforcing fillet, you have a choice of solid or hollow fillet depending on the target kit and you should check references to see which is most applicable. Remember to burnish out the rivet heads before assembly as it is very difficult to do this afterwards.

No alterations are required on the Trumpeter kits as the new etched fenders simply replace the kit fenders. The width of the main etched fenders and the size of the supporting brackets match the 1:35 plans in the Tankograd KV-2 Special exactly as do the kit fenders for that matter. The new fenders give a good scale appearance but most importantly allow realistic battle damage to be included if you wish.

The instructions are the usual exploded view drawings which are easy to follow and clearly show the assembly sequences.

A very simple update set for the Trumpeter KV kits that are easy to fit but the long bends on the fender edges and outer lips will require the use of one of the larger etched metal bending tools available to get a clean bends.

Highly recommended.

The etched frets
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Voyager Models

See the Voyager Models website for additional details.

Review set courtesy of my Credit Card and the excellent service from Rainbow Ten.

Page Created 1 August 2005

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