Voyager Models
A34 Comet
Voyager 1:35 Set # PE 35089
(for Bronco #CB35010)

Review by Terry Ashley
This set from Voyager Models is designed for the recent Bronco Models kit of the A34 Comet (kit #35010) and consists of 9 frets of etched parts, a small photo film sheet for the periscope glass plus various lengths of plastic rod and wire and braded copper wire for the tow cable. Added to this are 5 resin parts for the turret crew hatches and the canvas covered mantlet cast in a light cream resin.

Not included in the set are the etched fenders which are shown on the box top illustration and it’s a little misleading not finding these in the set as they are also shown in the instruction sheet with a small note saying you have to buy the extra set PE35092 to get these parts.

But back to what is in the set there are many very small parts as well as larger items such as the fender storage boxes and rear exhaust intake cowlings with the frets in different thicknesses to add better definition to some parts.

On the turret is the intricate vane sight in one etched part requiring 12 separate bends to form the sight but these are well laid out in the instructions so there shouldn’t be any problems in bending them in the right sequence.

The four crew hatches are in resin with interior padding detail with all outer detail of the hinges which can be made workable plus the latches and grab handle added plus the periscope covers fully replaced with etched parts including the photo film glass sections.

The side mounted searchlight has a new mounting bracket with the rear grab handles and wiring added plus the rear fire extinguisher brackets, upper aerial guards and small brackets for the side of the rear storage box.

The main part here is the large cast resin mantlet cover which completely replaces the kit front turret (part E18) and the mantlet (part E2) but there is no provision on the inside of the resin part for the gun breech and if you want to include this removing the mounting brackets from the back of part E18 and attaching to the resin part would be the best but some trial fitting will be needed during the process.

The detail on the resin cover has nice contours but there are not the characteristic stiffeners on the top of the cover and no fasteners around the sides and bottom of the canvas section.

The fit to the front of the turret is not the best with the upper corners being about 1mm narrower on both sides possibly due to resin shrinkage but leaving a bit or work to even up. Adding shims of plastic card to the outer edges of the resin part and trimming before fitting would probably be the best option.

Moving to the hull the large fenders storage boxes are provided completely as etched parts plus separate doors with hinges that can be made workable using the fine wire provided and the engine intake screens are in very fine etched mesh with etched frame and support brackets plus the two half width intake covers again completely in etched parts to replace the kit parts here.

The rear mounted smoke generators are again provided completely with five etched parts and a short length of wire for each unit plus the rear towing assembly made up of six etched plates sandwiched together with additional mounting brackets for good definition.

The barrel travel lock is also in three parts sandwiched together for good thickness with working hull attachments and upper barrel clamp detailed with a small wing nut.

All the engine deck door grab handles are in etched parts and at the front the three hull periscopes are provided the same as with the turret items plus all the tool clips and brackets, glacis tow cable brackets, side crew door latches and head light details with the foldable rear view mirrors finishing off the finer details included.

The braided copper wire provided for the tow cable has additional etched end brackets and clips as well as etched tie down straps to keep them in place around the brackets for an intricate assembly.

As mentioned the full fenders shown at the end of the instructions will need you to get set PE35092 for these which I didn’t do initially as I thought they were in this set.

Another nice detail set from Voyager with many fine details for the Comet including working hinges for the more adventurous plus the bonus of the resin parts.

The mantlet cover unfortunately lacks some important details and the fit wasn’t the best but it is a good start and adding the extra detail is a lot easier then making your own from scratch.


Metal and Resin parts
Voyager Models
The etched frets
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Voyager Models
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Resin Mantlet cover
Voyager Models
Mantlet cover fitted to kit turret.
Voyager ModelsVoyager Models

See the A34 Comet Subject page for additional detail/update set reviews available.


Thanks to my credit card and Hobby Easy for the review set.

Page Created June 19, 2006

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