Voyager Models
Autoblinda AB41/AB43
Voyager 1:35 Set # PE 35128
(for Italeri #6442, #6451 and Tamiya #89697)

Review by Terry Ashley

This update set from Voyager Models is designed for the Italeri Autoblinda AB41 and AB43 kits (#6442, #6451) and the Tamiya reboxing kit #89697 and consist of one larger fret and one smaller fret of etched parts, one fret with intake mesh, two short lengths of plastic rod, two lengths of copper wire and one length of steel wire plus a brass 20mm gun barrel and four small brass balls for the tips of the fender width indicators.

As with previous Voyager sets the standard of etching is superb with cleanly etched parts with well defined embossing and the usual engraved bending lines with the set containing many very small parts that will require careful handing during assembly.

There is a bit of work required with this set as much of the moulded on kit details have to be cut off to accept the replacement etched parts and it’s probably best to do this before fitting any of the etched parts to avoid damage to these as you go.

The replacement 20mm barrel is a simple brass tube with hollowed out muzzle and this just requires you to cut off the kit plastic barrel and fit the new one, nothing that should trouble anyone and the rear firing handle brackets are also replaced with etched parts.

Metal barrel and kit gun
Voyager Models

The other main updates are the four engine deck and rear plate intake grills which are replaced with etched frames and separate intake louvers and you have to cut off the moulded on engine deck grills before hand. The two forward grills will require care not to remove the engine deck bolt heads in the process but don’t worry about cutting off the hinges from the separate doors (parts 39, 40) as these are also replaced with etched hinges that can be made workable with the use of the plastic rod included.

At the back the rear intake grills are completely replaced with etched parts with three parts for the frame and a further seven louvers for a much finer assembly but will take a bit of care during assembly as the parts are quite fiddly.

The lower rear intake mesh is supplied in finely etched stainless steel and this is fitted from the inside of part C26 to cover the intake opening which is quite straightforward.

All of the hatch hinges on the hull and turret are replaced with workable etched hinges as well as the two front hull visor covers and the rain channels above the front and rear visors and two side doors are replaced with three part assemblies for good definition. Also the inner visors on the two side doors are replaced with multi-part visors after you cut off the moulded on plastic items but obviously these will only be seen if you show the doors open.

Other details include the horn mounting, all the tool clips and brackets which again require the moulded on brackets be cut off plus the shovel spades are provided as etched parts along with the rear light mounting bracket and two jerry can brackets that can be made with working hinges if careful?

On the fenders the four width indicators are provided as the small brass balls with locating hole included that fits onto the end of a short length of copper wire, use the kit parts to measure the appropriate length. You will have to be very careful here as the brass balls are very small and slippery and if you drop one the chances of finding it are next to none, so be warned, but the indicators do look much better than the plastic items.

Voyager Models

The large folder antenna gets the end star section as a thin etched part that can be fitted extended or folded for storage but make up your mind as it will snap apart if you bend it more than once.

Finally there is the bullet splash guard on the upper rear hull and detailing for the AB41 exhaust pipe that includes the pipe mounting brackets and muffler support brackets.


This is fairly comprehensive set in the scheme of things as it replaces nearly all the finer details on the kit which does necessitate quite a bit of minor surgery before hand but nothing that is too difficult.

The replacement engine deck intake grills in particular add considerably to the final appearance of the kit with the remaining smaller details lifting the detail level of the kit and should be a welcome update for anyone building these kits.

Highly recommended 8/10
Etched Parts
Voyager Models
Metal & Plastic parts
Voyager Models
Autoblindo AB41 & AB43
PzSpWg AB41 201(i)
& AB 43 203(i)

Armor PhotoGallery #8
ISBN 83-916483-6-2
Captured Armored Cars
and other Vehicles in
Wehrmacht Service

Schiffer Publications
ISBN 0-7643-0180-2
Autoblindo AB41 & AB43
Photo File No 1

By by Alessandro Bruschi
Published by Auriga Publishing International SRL, Genova, Italy
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Ground Power Magazine #151 - 12/2006
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