Voyager Models
USMC Stryker M1126 ICV
Voyager 1:35 Set # PE 35142
(for Trumpeter kit #00375)
Review by Terry Ashley

Trumpeter This is the first of two full update sets released by Voyager Models for the currently available M1126 Stryker ICV kits with this set designed for the Trumpeter kit #00375 and the second Set #PE35162 for the AFV Club kit #AF35126.

The first thing to note is the set boxtop image shows the model with resin wheels and resin RWS but these are not included in this update set and will have to be purchased separately as set #PEA094 Styrker wheel set and set #PEA093 M151 Remote Weapons Station if required.

The set has 10 frets of etched parts, 10 parts in light cream resin, a length of braided wire, 9 lengths of thin plastic rod and a couple of lengths of steel wire plus the instruction sheet.

Quality of the resin parts is excellent with blemish free castings and just the usual small casting blocks to be removed. The cleanly etched parts include relief to highlight the detail in places and the usual engraved bending lines to ensure the correct bend location but using one of the available etched bending tools would be advisable when using this set for easiest assembly.

For the lower hull you are provided with the early solid rear suspension covers to replace the kit parts and again if you want the later perforated covers as used on currently serving Strykers you will have to purchase set #PEA095 Suspension cover for Stryker separately. The rear station suspension bump stops are also provided as is the storage box located between the second and third wheels; these is made up of multiple parts with workable hinges on the front door.

The remaining parts are for the upper hull logically with the engine intake screens in fine mesh with some assemblies including the resin parts provided and these replace the Trumpeter kit assemblies completely to enhance the detail.

The front head light clusters have the mounting brackets in etched brass with resin head and indicator lights and all you need to add is the rear wiring to finish off the assemblies which then simply replace the kit parts. Also included are the rear view mirrors in resin with etched mounting brackets but you have to make the mirror post yourself from thin wire.

The front winch assembly is also completely replaced with etched brass base plate and mountings made up of five parts that will need some careful bending with the upper winch cable guide as a resin part with nice details included. The winch cable is also provided with the braided wire with resin end shackles and the kit hull side winch bracket is also made up a seven part etched assembly.

Most of the smaller brackets along the hull sides and on top are also replaced with etched parts with most requiring some small and intricate bends which will need care as many of the parts are also quite small. For example the two cable cutters are made up of four parts with two small plastic rod pins in the base with all four parts requiring bends added.

The driver’s hatch has the inner latch mechanisms replaced with three etched and four pins cut from the plastic rod provided while the top hatches have replacement etched inner lining with additional small parts for the latches while the large rear ramp again has the complete inner lining as etched parts with additional smaller parts from the strengthening bracing and latches.

Also added to the rear plate are the water/fuel can racks made up of multiple parts and include the small spacers between the racks and the hull.

Added along the sides is the tool mounting brackets made up of several etched parts that again require careful bending plus the rows of tie down cleats as separate parts. These have small locating pins included that fit into fine holes in the brackets that does make for precise location of the cleats to make this job a little easier. The tool straps are also provided in etched that include the buckles for good detail definition after assembly.

Also the long brackets with tie down cleats are provided for each side of the hull and again these have fine holes to locate the fine etched cleats for easy fitting and while the cleats are flat in profile the small size and sheer number of these means the profile is not that obvious and they look good when in place. You could of course replace these with fine wire for the rounded profile but this will take a lot more time and effort.

The two large storage racks on either side of the hull are made up of four large parts each with smaller brackets but you have to make the wire frame yourself from thin wire and using the etched parts as guide should make this job a little easier but these assemblies are not for the faint hearted.

On the Commander’s cupola the RWS mounting is made up of multiple etched parts plus a couple of small resin parts and you have to fashion the large RWS spring located at the front from thin wire. No parts are included for the RWS and as mentioned you will have to buy the separate set #PEA093 M151 Remote Weapons Station for this, or you could use the separate AFV Club M151 Remote Weapons Station (kit #AF35157) just released to reduce costs a little depending on your preference.

The five page instruction sheet has exploded view drawings of the various assembly sequences and while there are some quite intricate assemblies most were fairly easy to follow providing you study them closely before hand to familiarise yourself with proceedings.


This is fairly comprehensive detail set for the Trumpeter kit that is not really for the inexperienced modeller as there are a lot of fine parts and some intricate bending and assembly required.

There is little actual kit modifications required as most parts/assemblies replace the kit parts entirely allowing you to concentrate on the etched/resin parts and the end result will transform the Trumpeter kit detail considerably.

Highly recommended for experienced modellers 7.5/10

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Thanks to Voyager Models for the review set.

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