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WWII British Churchill Mk.III Infantry Tank
Voyager Model 1:35 Set # PE35171
Review by Terry Ashley

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This Voyager set is one of four sets specifically designed for the Dragon Pz.Sfl.Ivb 10.5cm le.FH.18/1 (kit #6475). This is the “basic” set which covers all details not covered in the other three; they are the Barrel & Mantlet set, the fender set and the ammunition stowage set. The basic set contains nine etched frets of various gauges, 21 turned brass pieces, a piece of .5mm & a piece of 1mm plastic rod, a piece of 1mm brass rod, a piece of .3mm steel wire for hinges, 2 pieces of copper cable, a short piece of brass tube & a single resin piece.

The Update Set:

The  Pz.Sfl.Ivb 10.5cm le.FH.18/1 was an unusual vehicle, built on a shortened Panzer IV chassis with only three bogies per side, nineteen of them were built and saw action on the Eastern Front. 

The Voyager set replaces the very distinct black out lights which are a distinctly different type to the normal German lights. The front tow hook fittings are replaced with full new assemblies giving a lot more realistic scale thickness as well as six tiny conical head rivets per fitting  with the new pins being bent from the 1mm brass rod, some fine photo etched chain to secure the pin is included to make two nicely detailed assemblies . Parts are included to detail the horn with a choice of two different patterned fascias. The drivers hatch has a internal locking mechanism as well as the padlock eyelets for when the vehicle is unattended.

Moving from the front hull to the back we have new Notek Convoy light and standard light as well as new reflectors for the rear guard. A full replacement of the smoke candle box is included including five turned brass grenades; the tiny firing mechanism will test ones patience but the incredible level of detail that is ones reward will drive most modelers to attempt it! Remember the firing device is hidden from above so it is really unnecessary.

There are new clamps & brackets for the Jack block, crowbars, spanner, track tool, s clamps, fire extinguisher, wire cutters, tensioning spanner, jack, shovel, axe and Dragon parts G65/G66 which are the frame parts which combine to make part G1 the frame for the wet weather cover, so if you are using G1 leave the rack empty of parts G65 and G66. Clamps for the spare road wheels are also included.

Onto the turret interior , the Dragon brass for the gas masks canteens and mess tins is replaced with etch from the Voyager set , if you think this is a waste then look closely at the Voyager etch which includes tiny stitching on the leather! Clamps for the MP40s are also provided as what I believe is a headphone stowage box and hangers for the MP 40 ammo pouches. Strangely a flare ammo box is provided but not mentioned in the instructions but it is parts H50, H83 & H80 as well as one part each of Q1 and Q2, there is no representation on the Dragon kit to replace. A new back rest for the gunners’ seat is also included as well as the lever for the guns breech.

The radio compartment is the next area covered, located in the turret in a cabinet. Where the Dragon kit has the two doors in etch the Voyager provides new hinged doors with lock clamps the front panel of the compartment is also provided in etch which provides scale thickness. The full interior of the cabinet is refurnished with a cradle for the radio, shock absorbent fittings and the outer bracket. The boxes for the transformer and battery are also provided as well as a new shelf and the large speaker which is an improvement over the Dragon kit part.

The spare track bracket is replaced with etch parts on the back of the turret, onto which is fitted the new gun cleaning rod brackets with new turned brass cleaning rods and a resin head for the brush which attaches to them.

Two new copper cables, which are softer & easier to work with than the Dragon steel cable, are provided, as well as the locking chains & lugs to hold it in place. A weather strip is provided for the front opening of the turret which has the attachment points for the wet weather cover as well. A single brass 105mm Shell & its cartridge case made from a brass tube with an etched end plate is included to use as you wish as well.

Etched and other parts in the Voyager set
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The Voyager set is a comprehensive set of update parts, without exception the replacement parts are more refined in details in comparison with the Dragon parts that are being replaced.

Highly recommended.

Thanks to Voyager Models for the review set.

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