Voyager Models
WWII Jagdpanther G1 Early Version
Voyager Model 1:35 Set #PE35229 for Dragon kit #6458
Review by Jenny Croft


This Voyager Models update is for Dragon Jagdpanther Early Production (kit #6458).

The update set contains seven etch frets 4 hollow drilled precut brass tubes, a piece of plastic 1mm rod, .5mm rod and .3mm steel wire.

The Update Set:

The rear of the Jagdpanther is where the Voyager etch starts its enhancement regime on the rear of the hull, the combination jack clamp and exhaust bracket is replaced which gives a more realistic scale thickness to the parts, the tiny nuts, with the aid of some .5mm plastic rod reflect the construction of the real assembly which will enhance this area greatly.

The two rear hull stowage bins are completely replaced, stamped strengtheners are added by using a boil point pen to press the channels in and a good quality etch bending tool such as the hold and fold will make a very neat job of these. Of course the real boxes were prone to damage, be it from shrapnel or bent out of shape so this is easily replicated with these.

Exhaust covers, reflector, rear light and crank guide are also included for the very complete overhaul of the rear of the vehicle.

The front mudguards are totally replaced, which requires cutting off the plastic ones which are molded directly to the hull. A piece of dowel will help to mould the curve to these guard after first scribing the stamped strengtheners, I would advise to anneal the guards first over a candle. The rivets are best replicated by using a large darning needle to get nice sharp detail. The underside includes all molded detail and the small hinged cut out on each fender is also replicated, this is to allow access to the towing shackle without damaging the guard, again the guards are subject to much damage like the original and a search through reference books will show all manner of damage to them.

Onto the engine deck and the etch screens are replaced by delicately fine mesh which leaves the Dragon parts redundant. Engine hatch bumpers and locking mechanism are delicate details as are the small engine fan lift hooks.

The rear of the superstructure has a new stowage box with working hinged lid and a new antenna mounting and a locking mechanism on the interior on the small spent cartridge hatch.

The hull sides contain a large part of the replacement parts for the Jagdpanther conversion, starting with the spare track brackets with delicate etched pins and retainer chains. The fenders with schürzen brackets are totally replaced by etch which again is a huge improvement over the kit parts.

On the right hand side the cable bracket for the track cable, the jack block, the sledge hammer, prybar and track tension tool all have replacement fittings, as are the fittings for the crank handle, axe, fire extinguisher and the C clamp.

On the left hand side is the fittings for the other C clamp bracket, the wire cutter and the shovel. The fittings for the cleaning rod bin are replaced including the end caps, their retaining chains and the internal fittings of the tube as well as the tiny clamps for the end caps, on top of this the fittings for the crowbar are also replaced.

The hatch for the periscope has the two finger handles added to the interior of it, all of the other roof top hatches get new internal locks also. Perhaps the biggest detail is the slide for the gunners sight , this involves carefully removing the existing detail from this area, a job that is better achieved before the roof top plate is fitted. I would personally drill out the centre part from the inside and then carefully remove the remaining detail.

The sliding centre part and the channel which it slides in are included, the internal slide will need to be heated to form it properly. However there is nothing too daunting about the assembly and the overall definition of the replacement parts will be a reward for effort. The rain gutter for the sight is also included.

There is the machine gun plug with its retainer chain and the ubiquitous lucky horse shoe included for the hull front to round this comprehensive detail set off.

Etched and other parts in the Voyager set
Voyager Models
Voyager Models


The Voyager set covers all the small details such as tool brackets which really are what we expect in such a set, the replacement of the sheet metal stowage bins , fenders and front guards which really can represent damage as the original parts did will add that realistic touch to the Jagdpanther.

Highly recommended.

Thanks to Voyager Models for the review set.

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