Voyager Models
WWII German Sd.Kfz.140 Flakpanzer 38(t)
“Gepard” Basic

Voyager Model 1:35 Set # PE35237
Review by Jenny Croft


The Voyager detailing set is to update the Tristar kit of the Flakpanzer 38(t), wrongly referred to as “Gepard”. The set is comprehensive, 10 frets of photo etched brass in different gauges. Along with the brass are eight crisply molded resin parts , 4 turned brass parts , a piece of .5mm and a piece of 1mm plastic rod & a piece of .3mm steel rod for hinges.

The Update Set:

The first step in the instructions deals with making hinges, get used to it as no less than 28 sets are needed as well as the hinges integral to the ammo boxes, flare and grouser box. Also dealt with early on are replacement bump stops for the engine decks, spare track brackets and parts to detail the Tristar Notek light.

Clamps and fixtures for the axe, jack block, jack, crow bar, shovel, wire cutter, fire extinguisher, including a new resin extinguisher and a new working grouser box with the correct amount and pattern of holes. Replacement rear convoy light, perforated exhaust guard which should be heated under a candle to soften the part before bending around a suitable sized drill bit & tow cable stowage are included for the hull rear

There are two frets of Voyagers 20mm Magazines & Ammo Boxes as well as two rounds & two empty cartridge cases in brass, for further information on them see the review here.

Onto the interior, two finely molded resin MP40 machineguns and photo etched brackets replace the kit parts. Four racks for the 20mm ammo boxes, two on each size, replace the photo etch Tristar brackets as they make for a snugger fit with the Voyager boxes.

The radio racks again replace Tristar etch but are more accurate than the Tristar offering with the shock absorbing cradle more accurately represented. A flare case with nicely detailed interior, three new gas masks in resin with photo etched fasteners & two resin replacement seat cushions (the Tristar kit has excellently detailed seat cushions anyway) plus a full replacement floor for the fighting compartment round off the interior.

Voyager provide a multi piece assembly for the eight side catches for the drop down sides, unfortunately they provide identical shaped pieces part #C13 for the side with the catch mechanism & for the adjacent locking piece, the adjacent piece should have a groove to the same depth as the hole as shown.

Side catch details
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Voyager Models
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The parts are not quite right but with a cut, the parts can look a lot more accurate, the alternative is to get the Griffon Model set Upper Folding Armor Plates & Engine Compartment Doors for WW II German Flakpanzer 38 (t) (set #L35020) which has the correct catch.

Remember also that the catch mechanisms go on the sides parallel with the guards & the front & back only. The other diagonal sides only have the locking piece on both ends. This is a misleading area with the Voyager instructions.

The gun mount gets full treatment from the Voyager etch new foot pedals, locking wheels, a ready magazine rack, again supplied with the Tristar kit but the Voyager one will fit the Voyager magazines better. Replacement etch for the spent cartridge cage is provided, it is finely etched and beats Tristars’ rendition in this area. The gunners’ seat has the replacement parts to make it foldable.

There is a replacement flash suppressor for the gun barrel part A37 which will need to be heated to soften the brass and shaped around the pointy end of a pencil, the unfortunate part is the rows of holes are etched into the brass and not through to create the holes. The flash suppressor neck part A36 will need to be heated also & shaped around a very small drill bit. However modelers may wish to look at a alternative aftermarket barrel, see reviews here

A full set of replacement armored shields for the gun are provided with all associated fittings, chains, hinges, clamps, wing nuts & even the tiny eye bolts that wire is threaded through to lash branches for camouflage are included .

Etched and resin parts in the Voyager set
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Voyager Models
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The Voyager set comprehensively replaces all details that can be improved with the excellent Tristar kit; the only areas which were disappointing were the locking mechanisms on the drop down hull sides & the poor replacement for the flash suppressor may lead most people to looking for a full aftermarket replacement barrel.


Thanks to Voyager Models for the review set.

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