Voyager Models
WWII German Panther F Basic
Voyager Model 1:35 Set # PE35288
Review by Jenny Croft


This Voyager Models update set is designed for the recently released Dragon kit 6403 of the proposed Panther F tank. The set contains 7 etched frets, 4 hollow drilled precut brass tubes, 2 lengths of copper cables,  a piece of plastic 1mm rod, .5mm rod and .3mm steel wire.

The Panther F never became a fully functional tank design; initially a single prototype with the new turret design on a late model Ausf G chassis was built but up to five more turrets that were built were either fitted to late model G chassis or used as Pantherstelung fixed pillboxes, it is unknown if any of the vehicles ever saw action.

The Update Set:

The set starts by replacing front fenders and side fenders including the Schurtzen attachments (Schurtzen not included); including the hinged attachments for the front guards for accessing the front D bolt when a towing cable was attached. The front guards need the stiffeners embossing, I usually use a ball point pen with a piece of cardboard underneath.

The gun travel lock has parts to modify the gun travel lock and with some careful work some nice detail will be visible, parts for either an open or closed lock are included.

The Drive'rs and Radio Operator's hatches have new locking latches & the spring assist for opening and closing the hatches plus two kinds of bump stops for them as well as the plug for the MG mount, a sun visor for the drivers periscope and bosch headlight details.

As the vehicle is based on the hull of the G type Panther the tool configuration is the same. Racks in PE on both sides carry photo etched clamps for towing shackles, axe, crank, fire extinguisher, jack block, crowbars, sledge hammer, track changing cable, shovel and bolt cutters. The stiff wire cable for the two tow cables is replaced by softer copper cable which has a much better scale effect.

New fittings for the gun cleaning rod case are included; it is advisable for bending these parts to heat parts C48 and C19 under a candle flame so they will be soft enough to bend without being springy. Use parts C35 and C36 from the Dragon kit to form these PE parts before assembling any of the parts. The spare track brackets along the rear of both sides complete with tiny chains holding the locking pins complete the detailing of the hull sides.

The engine deck gets a complete makeover; the air intakes have new photo etched screens and louvers both fans get new screens with the heating fan also coming with the six separate covers as well as brackets to stow them when not used so these can be used however you wish. The ventilation for the fuel filler area is totally replaced with a nicely detailed alternative. Cable storage clamps, an engine access door catch, lifting lugs for the fan covers and a fuel tank breather are also included.

The rear hull has the alternative of early or late light fittings as well as a reflector, a guide bracket for the crank, new exhaust brackets and a new jack bracket, the two rear stowage boxes are replaced, they have a series of parallel pressed flutes (again use the biro & a piece of cardboard underneath) which is different to the standard cross pattern. I am not sure if this was a late war pattern or if it is in the realm of Paper Panzer fiction. Either way they are very detailed and will look nice with some battle damage as these stowage bins were very vulnerable to shrapnel and the like.

The Commanders’ hatch has the three locks provided as well as the exterior latch, the rear escape hatch has the locking mechanism entirely redone and there is even a rain trough for the gunners’ sight.

Etched parts in the Voyager set
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The Voyager etch set comprehensively covers all areas of the Panther F, from finely detailed etch chains for tools and track link holders to the fenders and rear stowage boxes which characteristically were often damaged on the vehicle, the etch will make the damage as realistic as possible.

Highly recommended.

Thanks to Voyager Models for the review set.

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