Voyager Models
M151 Remote Weapons Station
Voyager 1:35 Set # PEA093
Review by Terry Ashley

AFV ClubTrumpeter
Probably the biggest letdown with the Trumpeter M1126 Stryker ICV (kit #00375) was the undersized and poorly detailed Remote Weapons Station (RWS) and Voyager Models have now released this resin and metal set with the full M151 Remote Weapons Station that can be used on either the AFV Club M1126 Stryker ICV (kit #AF35126), the Trumpeter M1126 Stryker ICV (kit #00375) or the later variants of the M1A2 Abrams and Humvee as applicable.

The set has 43 parts in light cream resin, 16 short copper tubs (for the smoke grenades), 2 small springs, a length of copper tubing and three small frets of etched parts and the small instructions sheet for quite a multi-media set.

Resin parts
Voyager Models

The quality of the resin casting is again excellent without any blemishes and just the small casting blocks to be removed while the quality of the etching is also first class with cleanly etched parts and the usual engraved bending lines where required.

You will have to take care when removing the casting blocks from the two larger RWS parts not to cause any damage in the process but there shouldn’t be any problems if you take your time.

The main RWS and weapon parts (M2, Mk.19) are based on the AFV Club kit parts with the RWS including some additional detailing and some kit assemblies cast together for simplicity as well as additional etched parts for greater detail. The most notable detail updates are on the inside of the two mounting uprights which include details not included in the kit parts and on the combined weapon platform.

This results in the main RWS being in just two parts, the main mounting with smoke grenade launcher mountings and the central weapon platform, this “clips” between the main mounting uprights allowing the platform to elevate after assembly. You will need to take care fitting these parts together and sort of coax the platform between the uprights while slightly flexing the uprights outward so as not to break off the small pin on the left side of the upright.

Added to the front of the RWS are the separate optical sights with additional etched parts very similar to the AFV Club set up and as mentioned there are additional etched detail parts for the back of the main mounting for additional detail. On the back of the optical sights are two small locating holes for the corresponding pins on the mounting that ensure the correct orientation of the sights but these holes will need to be enlarged somewhat to fit the pins properly.

Partially assembled RWS with the main mounting, gun cradle and optical lenses
Voyager Models

The smoke grenades are improved by providing the launcher tubes as pre-formed copper tubs (or short lengths of tubing) and inserted into these are the 16 smoke grenades. You actually get 32 grenades, 16 shorter cartridges and 16 longer cartridges to use as required and all that is needed is to add the wiring at the back of the launcher bases.

For the M2 .50cal MG there is the resin receiver which is based on the AFV Club part and resin barrel as separate parts with additional etched parts for the firing handles, perforated cooling jacket and strangely the barrel changing handle which is not fitted to the M2 mounted on the RWS.

The barrel was slightly warped in my set but this is easily remedied by dipping in warm water and the etched cooling jacket needs to be bent to form the round jackets and this is best done after annealing the part by running it through a candle flame.

Due the etched cooling jacket it also lacks the two side indentions which is a limitation of this type of etched cooling jacket.

The Mk.19 Grenade Launcher received is also based on the AFV Club part with the copper tubing for the barrel and an etched muzzle flash suppressor as well as etched firing handles.

The copper tubing needs to be cut to the required barrel length (1mm) and attached to the resin barrel stub on the receiver, this is designed as a butt join but you may want to add a pin to slip the tubing over for a more secure fit.

At the front the perforated etched flash suppressor again needs the be bent to shape and after annealing the part forming this around a drill bit would be the best option.

Adding your choice of weapon to the RWS cradle is fairly straightforward and the .50cal ammo container is supplied in three main etched parts that allow you to make the top cover hinges workable and also includes the sight lens cover usually carried on the front of the box when not in use.

The RWS mounting base fitted in front of the Commander’s Cupola on the M1126 and M1A2 is supplied with etched and resin parts plus the small springs for the front mounting. There are alternate mountings for the Stryker and Abrams as they are different shapes but some of the smaller detail items are common to both so you don’t actually get two full bases.


Overall this is a nice representation of the M151 RWS which includes a number of detail enhancements over the AFV Club RWS such as the smoke grenades and mounting base but the barrels on both weapons are not as good as they could be given the medium used but should look okay on the final assembly.

As mentioned this set addresses the main shortcoming with the Trumpeter kit as well as giving you the full RWS to fit to the Abrams or Humvee if you wish.

Highly recommended 7.5/10
Etched Parts
Voyager Models
Metal parts
Voyager Models

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Thanks to Voyager Models for the review set.

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