Voyager Models
Suspension cover for Stryker
Voyager 1:35 Set # PEA095
Review by Terry Ashley

AFV ClubTrumpeter
Voyager Models continue their Stryker updates with this set that provides the later perforated suspension covers as used on current serving Strykers and can be used on either the AFV Club M1126 Stryker ICV (kit #AF35126) or the Trumpeter M1126 Stryker ICV (kit #00375).

The set has two small frets with the perforated covers and the small securing brackets and hull spacers with the quality of the etching first class with cleanly etched perforations and the usual engraved bending lines where required. Each fret has one left and one right side cover and while the instructions don’t indicate which is which this shouldn’t be a problem when fitting but take care to get the orientation correct.
(Part 2 is right and part 3 is left)

The covers are easily bent to shape using any of the available etched bending tools but take care as there are opposite direction bends required and pre-planning the sequence will lessen and problems with the assembled covers simply replacing the plastic kit items.

Fitting the covers to the AFV Club kit requires one of the moulded on bolt head lugs be removed from the hull side for the cover mounting but other than that the fit was good. For the Trumpeter kit they can be fitted without modifications making for an easy update to either kit.

Covers fitted to AFV Club kit (left) and Trumpeter kit (right)
Voyager Models


This is a simple update for either Stryker kit for a better look as well as bringing the kit suspension up to current specs.

Highly recommended 8/10
Etched Parts
Voyager Models

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Thanks to Voyager Models for the review set.

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